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18 September, 2020

Wayne's World - Pineapple Yuk

Welcome to Wayne’s World, with no apologies to Mike Myers and the cast from that classic movie of the same name.

By Wayne Marshall

No pineapple on pizza for Wayne

For those who have met me, you will know whilst I’m small in height I make up for that in size of personality and also opinion. 

Wayne’s World will be my very off-beat eccentric view of life, Cairns and the world. Chances are you may not agree, but feel free to challenge the status quo (not the 70s super group, or in recent years the hard rocking down, down, prices down guys.) 

In recent weeks I have been verbally challenged by lovers of the sweet and prickly fruit, the pineapple. 

These poor lost souls who erroneously believe that the humble pineapple belongs on pizza. Give a humble doorman a break, really? On a pizza, I suppose they also believe that mango can go on a pizza. It’s bad enough that we lace pizza with those salty fruit of the ocean, the devil’s own spawn, anchovies, but pineapple? 

It’s a fruit for goodness sake. Now some of the more astute critics out there have thrown at me that tomato is also a fruit, but you don’t slice the tomato for a topping, you make tomato paste for the base. 

 So when you can make pineapple sauce, then you may, and only may have a chance to semi convince me that pineapple belongs on a pizza. 

Until then, have a great weekend. See you around the traps as you plan your next reno project. 

 It’s bye for now from my world, and hope that our worlds collide, so we all can have fun and enjoy our lives that little more Enjoy for weekend pizza and please no pineapple. 



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