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2 October, 2020

Wayne's World: You saucy git

To our great peeps of Far North Queensland’s, Wayne’s World.

By Wayne Marshall

When it was first suggested that I write a column with real words that delivered what I considered awesome entertaining babble, but many have said are muddied thoughts, my belief was no way with my gold fish attention span – three seconds if lucky. 

Unbelievable but true tropicairnians, I have managed to come up with a third topic for Wayne’s World (bound to brain freeze soon) and create a new words. 

As the tropics warm, new topics are starting to swarm, what condiments do you keep in the fridge? Now I keep all sauces- tomato, BBQ, sweet and hot chilli, to name a few, in the fridge as there is nothing better to pour cold sauce on ya snags. 

When it comes to my sangers, peanut butter stays in the pantry along with honey and all other spreaders that harden when cold, tearing up ya bread. 

Why would you put these in the fridge, they harden like concrete, in fact I’m sure that Mack the Knife sent a few to the ocean’s depths with their feet set in peanut butter direct from the fridge. 

What goes in the fridge is of course fruit jams that cover my pancakes with double dollop cream, and the aussie favourite good old vegemite which is delish cold on a slice of cheese. 

To all those cold weather breeders, I even keep all my lollies and choccies in the fridge too. 

Last but not the least is a handyman money saver tip, keep ya batteries and super glues cold as well to add to their shelf life. Well pickle a greenie, yep better get a bigger fridge, or there’s no room for any form of beverage. 

Chill out Cairns.

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