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8 November, 2020

Top sheet or doona? The big issue during summer in FNQ

G’day Tropicairnians. Life is absolutely perfect in paradise, Far North Queensland, the very best part of our beautiful country.

By Wayne Marshall

We have the best and totally envied life-style on earth, and amazing all year round weather.

Can you remember what winter was like this year? I believe it was on a Tuesday, and so mild that it was hardly even noticed apart from a couple of occasions where we got the fire pits going for sunset frothies with the mates.

For the first 9 months of developing to be an Aussie we were naked and when born we are tightly wrapped up in material, is it any wonder babies cry?

As rug rats we are still put to bed with clothes on, but as a teenager I started to squirm out of any form of sleep covering (oh the freedom).

This was frowned upon in Vicoldia by many of my elders as being unclean but struth it is not like I was going to bed like a soap dodging pom.

Now I don’t know about your snoozing habits but there is no way this dropkick can sleep with jarmies or any form of clobber on.

Here in the tropics I have found the best way to get sound bed rest is in my birthday suit, naked under the top sheet and doona plus air-con and fan on which is also good for snuggles with special bed sharers.

Editor’s Note: Please Wayne, I cannot unsee what I have just read. Too much information.

People say that sleeping with a top sheet is wrong and you should only use a donna, but I have found it easier to wash the sheets (every week) than remove, clean and putting back on the donna cover.

Handy hint to save money, put draft stoppers on the bottom of doors to reduce cold air escaping and air-cons working harder.

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