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30 October, 2020

(Updated) The Battle for Mulgrave

As voters prepare for the QLD State Election the seat of Mulgrave is shaping as safe seat for the Palaszczuk Labor government.

Curtis Pitt holds the seat with a strong 10.9% majority and is facing opposition from LNP candidate Gerry Vallianos. Pitt has served the electorate well and should hold the seat against any predicted swing on a state level against the ALP government.

The Queensland electorate of Mulgrave
Seating Member: Curtis Pitt (ALP)
Candidates: Gerry Vallianos (LNP)
Curtis Pitt (ALP)
Attila Feher-Holan (KAP)
Sue Corey (GR)
Francis Bartorillo (ON)

Cairns Local News will keep you posted throughout the weekend as Queensland and Mulgrave decides.

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  Voter turn out in Mulgrave has been steady but not busy after a large number pre-polled.  

SUNDAY 05:54  Curtis Pitt as predicted has polled well and is set to return for another term.

With 53.88% of votes counted Pitt comfortably leads the LNP candidate Gerry Vallianos.

QEC graphic

The full details are available from the Queensland Electoral Commission website.  

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