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30 October, 2020

(Updated) The battle for Barron

As voters prepare for the QLD State Election the seat of Barron River is shaping as a critical seat for the Palaszczuk Labor government.

Craig Crawford holds the seat with a slender 1.9% majority and is facing strong opposition from LNP candidate Linda Cooper. Cooper has served with distinction on Cairns Regional Council for a number of years before diverting her focus to winning the seat of Barron River. 

Crawford has a genuine contender standing against him and Barron River could fall early to the LNP.

The Queensland electorate of Barron
Seating Member: Craig Crawford (ALP)
Candidates: Linda Cooper (LNP)
Craig Crawford (ALP)
Aaron McDonald (GR)
Jenny Brown (UA)
Susan Andrews (ON)
Adam Rowe (IMOP)

Cairns Local News will keep you posted throughout the weekend as Queensland and Barron River decides.

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Updated: 15:00

Voter turn out in Barron River has been steady but not busy after a large number pre-polled.

18:00 Polls have closed across Queensland. Counting will commence and the first results will start to flow.

Predictions vary, with some polls expecting the ALP to lose seats in Brisbane as well as North Queensland, potentially delivering victory to the LNP.

Whilst other polling suggests the ALP will hold onto a slender majority.

Craig Crawford appears to be under pressure in Barron River after a strong campaign by LNP candidate Linda Cooper.

All will be revealed in the coming days.

19:00 As initially polling predicted. ALP sitting member Craig Crawford is facing strong opposition from LNP candidate Linda Cooper.

The initial counts has them neck and neck.

SUNDAY 05:45  Counting continued last night with 64.41% of votes counted. Green (Aaron McDonald) preferences flowed to Labor's Craig Crawford.

Crawford is leading comfortably with 54.96% of the two [part preferred count, and seem set to return once more to parliament and government.

QEC graphic.

The full details are available from the Queensland Electoral Commission website.

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