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30 October, 2020

(UPDATED) The Battle for Cairns

As voters prepare for the QLD State Election the seat of Cairns is shaping as an important seat for the Palaszczuk Labor government.

Michael Healy holds the seat with a 3.4% majority and is facing strong opposition from LNP candidate Sam Marino. Marino contested the 2017 election falling less than 2000 votes short last     

Queensland Electorate of Cairns
Seating Member: Michael Healy (ALP)
Candidates: Michael Healy ALP
Sam Marino LNP
Darren Griffith (ON)
Sarah Baxter (IMOP)
David Wright (PUP)
Daniel Dench (GR)

Cairns Local News will keep you posted throughout the weekend as Queensland and Cairns decides.

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UPDATED: 06:00

Today could be a defining day for LNP Candidate for Cairns, Sam Marino. Having already cast his vote during pre-polling, today will be spent working to shore up the remaining votes being cast throughout his electorate.

The option to pre-poll has been widely exercised throughout Cairns this election with up to 70% of vote already registered within some electorates.

Sam cast his vote on Thursday, due to redistribution of electoral boundaries Sam could not register a vote for himself, instead Mulgrave LNP candidate Gerry Vallianos scored an additional vote as a result of the 2017 redistribution of boundaries.

18:00 Polls have closed across Queensland. Counting will commence and the first results will start to flow.

Predictions vary, with some polls expecting the ALP to lose seats in Brisbane as well as North Queensland, potentially delivering victory to the LNP.

Whilst other polling suggests the ALP will hold onto a slender majority.

The initial indication from exit polls throughout Cairns is that sitting member Michael Healy will be returned to office.

All will be revealed in the coming days.

18:45 The initial count has started with Michael Healy holding a slender margin over Sam Marino. The minor parties do not appear to be featuring in the count.

19:12  Michael Healy strengthens his position in Cairns. With 3800 votes counted Sitting member Michael Healy has take a fraction under 50% of the primary vote.

SUNDAY 05:30 With 70.11% of the votes counted,  Labor's Michael Healy will be returned.

QEC graphic.

  The full details are available from the Queensland Electoral Commission website.

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