25 May, 2021

Williams: The Pride's Man For The Future

The Northern Pride announced on Monday that Coach, Ty Williams had agreed to an extension of his contract until at least the end of the 2023 season.

By Peter McCullagh

Northern Pride Coach Ty Williams
Northern Pride Coach Ty Williams

The contract extension is justified reward for a strong start to the 2021 Season, where the Pride are currently sitting in fourth with 3 wins and 2 draws from 8 games.

Nigel Tillett, Northern Pride chairman announced the contract extension at the usual Monday Pride press conference.

The motivation for an announcement so early in the season was to increase stability within the club and in particular give certainty to the playing group.

“We’re moving quickly because we do have a number of positions up for review this year in our football operations department.

“We just felt it important that Ty’s role was settled so that he can move forward with Paul (Callaghan, Pride CEO) in sorting out the other issues with other positions in that department” he said.

“Ty has a clear vision of where the club should be and where it should go.

“He’s well in tune with the objectives of our board, and where we want the club to go as well. And he’s doing a bloody good job, excuse the French, he’s doing a very good job with the football at the moment.”

“The Pride is about providing opportunity to players as well as coaching staff.

“Ty is own of our own, he’s and Innisfail boy originally, he’s played at State of Origin levels, and we see it as important to allow to develop as a coach,” Tillett said.

The strong on-field performances this year has played a part in the extended coaching contract, however it’s William’s contribution to the club and culture that has stamped him as the man for the future with the Pride.

“It’s how he promotes the game, it’s how he promotes the club and his relationship with the boards and his players and playing group,” said Tillett.

Pride CEO Paul Callaghan and Ty Williams PHOTO: Northern Pride
Pride CEO Paul Callaghan and Ty Williams PHOTO: Northern Pride

“We felt it was the best way forward from the club’s point of view.

CEO Paul Callaghan is excited with what Ty brings to his role as coach. “The young playing group we have, Ty’s been very good, and mentored they quite well, so, we see a future with that core group, so we want to see what can progress forward for those players.

“So Ty’s the perfect fit for us.”

William’s contract includes an incentive-based option for the 2023 season, with on and off field KPI’s. 


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