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1 September, 2023

Undara lava tubes on canvas

CELEBRATE the exhibition opening of Undara Paintings by Cairns-based artist Claudine Marzik at NorthSite Contemporary Arts from 5.30pm today.

By Gail Sedorkin

Undara Paintings’ artist Claudine Marzik. Pictures: Michael Marzik
Undara Paintings’ artist Claudine Marzik. Pictures: Michael Marzik

Marzik has been making and exhibiting work inspired by the unique environment of Far North Queensland for more than three decades, with Undara Paintings her latest exhibition.

Undara Paintings will open alongside the exhibitions Future Nostalgia by Charlotte Haywood and Milk Run by Claire Grant.

These three exhibitions are linked through ecological exploration, from the ancient lava tubes at Undara Volcanic National Park, to emergent narratives of the future, to the spectacular aerial landscape along regional Queensland.

Marzik’s latest body of work delves into the ancient lava tubes and cavernous rock formations within Undara Volcanic National Park, located in the centre of lower Cape York, between Cairns and Normanton.

Undara Volcanic National Park protects the world’s longest lava tube caves formed over 190,000 years ago. The name Undara in local Aboriginal dialects means ‘Long Way’.

Marzik’s Undara Paintings is showing at NorthSite Contemporary Arts at Bulmba-Ja Arts Centre, 96 Abbott St until 28 October 2023.

The free exhibition opening event today will be followed by Artists Talks tomorrow from 10.30am to 12pm (also free).

Guests are invited to hear from the artists presenting work in the NorthSite Galleries at Bulmba-ja and have the opportunity to ask questions and enjoy a tour of the galleries.

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