1 December, 2020

Thought-provoking comedy a huge success

Angela Murphy is to be congratulated for not wavering in her belief in theatre during the difficult year of 2020, and producing Prospect Terrace, the first play in Cairns Performing Arts Centre after lockdown.

Andy Bramble as Jack, Andrea Allumay as Delores, and Liz Christensen as Bunny. PHOTO: Blueclick Photography
Andy Bramble as Jack, Andrea Allumay as Delores, and Liz Christensen as Bunny. PHOTO: Blueclick Photography

The play premiered to large and enthusiastic audiences in the Cairns Performing Arts Centre (CPAC) during its 2020 season.

Angela has presented a difficult theme to her cast, where the dysfunctional family is imploding but must come together to face the impending demise of Jack, their father, and what to do with the family home.

Everyone at some time in their lives must face this dilemma and the cast portray sensitively researched characters that bring to life this complex crisis in their lives.

An intriguing plot works best if supported by a skilled cast that was cleverly directed by Karen Crone. She utilised Simona Cosentini and Simone Tesorieri’s set and costume designs to their fullest.

Jason Glenwright’s lighting and Nigel Pegrum’s sound complement the production with the mood set as the audience enters. Authenticity was struck with the frangipanis framing the Queenslander house that was recreated on stage.

Andy Bramble as Jack was stubborn and opinionated. His memory changing truths and inflicting distressing reactions on his daughters. Bunny, played by Liz Christensen, was warm, quirky and with some of the most memorable lines of the evening.

Natalie Taylor, who played Pepper, gave a carefully crafted, truthful performance of a character with so many secrets that they are breaking her into fragments. Andrea Allumay was intriguing, physically powerful, and served as the conduit between the action on stage and the audience.

The evening was filled with laughter as we recognised and identified with the characters on the stage.

While the play deals with a difficult premise, it is ultimately a play about hope – that through the most difficult of times the family is important and will unite – for a time.

This play should tour. It is inventive and engaging on all levels. It is thought-provoking comedy and excellent theatre where the cast and crew have expertly entertained and engaged the audience.

Five stars.

Review by Maggie Shephard-King, North Queensland Academy of Dramatic Arts (NQADA)


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