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18 June, 2021

Sunshine Coast tournament team

Following recent trials, the Kenfrost Marlin Coast Academy team has been announced to represent the Marlin Coast Region in a weekend of netball on the Sunshine Coast in early August.

By Peter McCullagh

Players from Cairns, Mareeba and the Atherton Tablelands make up the squad.

Squad training has commenced with their first session held this week, where they were issued home programs set by academy coaches.

 All team members have club duties, so coaches are mindful and ensuring Academy training requirements are balanced and not overloading the squad members.

 The region previously has taken the team to either Singapore or Adelaide to compete in their academy games, however due to COVID were unable to travel.

The region has been fortunate enough to be invited to Sunshine Coast who have a similar academy program to Marlin Coast.

The Marlin Coast Academy team will face a weekend consisting of matches interspersed with skill sessions conducted by different coaches.

One high point for the weekend will be the opportunity to watch firsthand a Sunshine Coast Lightning game. The Lightning current sit top of the ladder in the Suncorp Super Netball competition. 


Marlin Coast Academy Team:

Alyssa Shorey

Neveah Conroy

Capri Flegler

Charlotte Jonson

Angelina Kick-Peters

Asha Lynch-Simmons

Dallas Maretu

Ashleigh Miekle

Emerentiana Ningigi

Cecily Okena

Ariahne Poggioli

Amber Sheppard

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