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14 November, 2020

Sophisticated Car Crash.

With the finalisation of one football season, another commences offering interested spectators a tremendous evening entertainment and excitement.

By Peter McCullagh

Bring on the new season of Gridiron, and welcome to Cairns the new kids on the block, the Townsville Chargers.

This Saturday night at Vico Oval (Kangaroo’s home ground) the Cairns Falcons will match up against the newest team in the Reefbowl VII competition.

Gridiron has been described as the ‘most sophisticated car crash you will ever witness’, beautiful one moment and brutal the next, and total beauty in its chaos.

Cairns Falcons Offensive Coach, Jason P Scott is excited about the coming season.

“We’re feeling really good about getting back into competition, and looking at building on last year’s successes. We made the Reefbowl last year and with great new and returning players this year, we are looking good.

Falcons Quarterback Brendon Kruger is looking strong, with a strong arm and an accurate eye, he will be controlling the game to perfection this weekend.

Up front Peter Lyngcoln adds great size and strong defensive skills, a lineman in his third season for the Falcons.

With 40 players on their roster the Falcons are on the lookout for any AFL or rugby players looking to explore a great off season or permanent change.

“We are looking for ‘skinnies’ at the moment. AFDL tall running and jumping guys,” quipped Jason P Scott.

“The AFL guys have great footwork speed and hand skills.”

Spectators are encouraged to come this Saturday. Gates open at 5pm and kick-off at 6pm, Vico Oval Cairns. Full details are available on Cairns Falcons Gridiron Facebook page.


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