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23 October, 2020

Kids love to tumble, climb and jump

Dealing with an energetic youngster can be demanding for any parent. If your child seems to be forever climbing, rolling, on their hands, why not consider channelling some of that energy into a sport that challenges and harnesses their energy.

By Peter McCullagh

South Cairns Gymnastics Club Manager, Karen Magee believes gymnastics is the ideal sport for any child. “Gymnastics will assist in developing coordination, social skills, strength and certainly help them to focus and increase their concentration. 

“We offer Mini-Gym classes catering for 12 month old up to two and a half year olds. Mini-gym classes are structured classes of 45 minute duration. Parents are required to participate within the class with their toddler. 

The coach will guide each child and their parent though a variety of circuits focusing on brain development, body awareness, social interaction, cross patterning, vestibular stimulation, balance, core strength, fine motor skills and the sensory system. Early exposure to a physical development program is key to your child’s learning, development, confidence and well-being. 

Classes are held Monday and Friday at their Edmonton Gym. Details can be found at

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