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4 June, 2021

Gymnasts tumbling to success

YOUNG gymnasts from throughout Far North Queensland made their way to Mareeba over the weekend to compete in the Mareeba Country Challenge.

By Peter McCullagh

Five clubs from Cairns, Mossman, Atherton and Mareeba competed in Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) events.

The Country Challenge was hosted by the Mareeba Gymnastics Club with 165 gymnasts competing.

South Cairns Gymnastics Club, based in Bentley Park had 56 gymnasts competing with men’s competitors in levels 1-3 and the women’s competing in the levels 1 – 6 competitions.

Results for the Challenge.


Overall Level 3 Under:

1st Rylee McQueen (SCG), 2nd Baylee Scoble (SCG),

3rd Halle Cygler (BV)

Overall level 3 Over:

1st Willow Stoter (BV),

2nd Dearnna Castle (SCG), 3rd Grace Will (BV)

Overall Level 4 Under:

1st Emma Blain (SCG),

2nd Alisha Shigeta (SCG), 3rd Skye Stroud (SCG)

Overall level 4 Over:

1st Sahara Kennedy (MAR), 2nd Sara Bugler (SCG), 

3rd Violet Thompson (BV)

Overall Level 5 Under:

1st Olivia Doolan (SCG),

2nd Charlotte Sowden (MAR),

3rd Pippa Davidson (BV)

Overall Level 5 Over:

1st Natalia Esposito (MAR), 2nd Keala Hoskins (BV),

3rd Leela Pierce-Lyons (BV)

Overall Level 6:

1st Aelira Catalina (BV),

2nd Jenna Mattinson (SCG), 3rd Dakota Pointon (SCG)


Overall Level 3:

1st Rhys Spralja,

2nd Connor Bertuna,

3rd Bastian Simpson-Leitner

(SCG) South Cairns Gymnastics (BV) Barron Valley Gymnastics

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