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6 September, 2020

Cyclists hit the road again

Stage three of the LDI Constructions Cycling Criterium was held today on the Bungalow short road course.

By Peter McCullagh

Weather conditions favoured the riders today will a dry track and ideal temperatures for the event.

Thomas Beddome continues to dominate the Men’s A Grade with an almost unassailable lead after three races, with the final race next Sunday morning. Matt Grillo and Michael Haseldine finished second and third in today’s A grade race.

A similar pattern was evident in the Women’s A Grade. Petra Anderson has been the standout performer across the first three races and sits comfortably clear of Megan Pickford and Anita Narula in the overall points.

Terri Sullivan continues to dominate Women’s B Grade, with two first places and a second place from the three races held in the series.

Damien Newton recorded his first win of the series in Men’s B Grade today, winning both the sprint as well as the overall in the race.

Mister Consistency in the Men’s C Grade, Malcolm Lindsay leads the overall, despite finishing third today in the race. For the series Malcolm featured prominently in both the sprint as well as overall for the first three events and carries a sizeable lead into the last event this coming Sunday morning.

Matt Coburn won the Men’s D Grade today with Michael Etherington placing second. Michael still leads the overall series with Chris Atkins (4th today) a handful of points behind in the overall.

The final race of the series will be held this coming Sunday, September 13, you will find full details on the Cairns Cycling Club Facebook page.

Pic Supplied Terri Sullivan

Stage 3 Results.

Men's A Grade

Race 3 :

  1. Thomas Beddome
  2. Matt Grillo
  3. Michael Haseldine

Overall Series Points

  1. Thomas Beddome (29)
  2. Brian Nesbit (14)
  3. Luke Azzopardi (10)

Women's A Grade

Race 3 :

  1. Petra Anderson
  2. Anita Arula
  3. Bianca Grillo
  4. Danielle Erskine

Overall Series Points

  1. Petra Anderson (35)
  2. Megan Pickford (19)
  3. Anita Narula (18)

Women's B Grade

Race 3 :

  1. Terri Sullivan
  2. Sam Weterkamp
  3. Colleen Harisson
  4. Alana Coburn
  5. Roisin Lyons

Overall Series Points

  1. Terri Sullivan (36)
  2. Sam Wetherkamp (20)
  3. Colleen Harisson (17)

Men's B Grade

Race 3 :

  1. Damien Newton
  2. Jim Dorney
  3. Neil Gregory
  4. Chris Cochrane
  5. Michael Reid

Overall Series Points

  1. Greg Hutton (15)
  2. Damien Newton (13)
  3. Adam Johnstone (13)

Men's C Grade

Race 3 :

  1. Mark Proctor
  2. Damian Bullock
  3. Malcolm Lindsay
  4. Peter Craig
  5. Matt Mo

Overall Series Points

  1. Malcolm Lindsay (29)
  2. Mark Proctor (15)
  3. Peter Craig (13)

Men's D Grade

Race 3 :

  1. Matt Coburn
  2. Michael Etherington
  3. John Petersen
  4. Chris Atkins
  5. Tony Natasi

Overall Series Points

  1. Michael Etherington (29)
  2. Chris Atkins (21)
  3. Toni Natasi (14)

The final race will be held Sunday September 13.

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