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24 September, 2020

Cycling Australia combines the sports

Cyclists throughout Cairns were rejoicing over the weekend after the news that the state and national associations governing the various cycling disciplines voted to join forces under the one collection association, AusCycling.

By Peter McCullagh

This new entity will streamline and governed BMX, Mountain Biking in addition to Track and Road Cycling.

Cairns Cycling Club President Richie Bates welcome in this new era of cycling with a positive message.

“For a long time we have operated as three separate entities, each with separate licencing and registration for riders and officials.

“What this means we will now have one licence and greater cross participation within all aspects of the sport.

The amalgamation of all aspects of the various sports will present great opportunities to the sport with regard to sponsorship and government funding allowing the sport to flourish.

“This is great news for local cycling, with affiliation directly now with the national association our voices and needs will be heard. Plus we have a chance to leverage our large participation numbers to secure greater sponsorships and funding opportunities.”


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