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29 January, 2024

Shire adds up flood damage

DOUGLAS Shire Council has yet to add up the cost of Cyclone Jasper and the subsequent record flooding which has still cut off many communities north of the Daintree River.

Shire adds up flood damage - feature photo

A council report by chief financial officer Tara Killeen said the results at the end of December 2023 had started to reveal the impact of the cyclone and the associated flooding event. 

“Although it is too early to determine to any full extent, it is to be noted that there could be severe impacts to the financial year 2024 result,” she said.

“This will be due to the loss of income from areas such as Daintree ferry, van parks, and other areas impacted by tourism and the cost of emergency rectifications to get essential damaged infrastructure back to a minimum operational level. 

“The longer-term rebuilding of the damaged assets will be subject to full assessments.

“The timing of works, and subsequent reimbursement from the disaster funding bodies may also impact the result. 

“Council cashflow will need to be closely monitored to ensure that receipts from the funding bodies are received in a timely manner.” 


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