28 March, 2024

‘Respecting’ Soul Queen

THE empowering story of the Queen of Soul is making its return to the Cairns Performing Arts Centre stage in April for a show with a lot of R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

By Isabella Guzman Gonzalez

‘Respecting’ Soul Queen - feature photo

Now in its fourth tour, the RESPECT The Aretha Franklin Story is coming back to CPAC on Saturday, April 13, to take you on an empowering journey through the Queen of Soul’s tempestuous life while showcasing her greatest hits spanning five decades.

Multiple ARIA chart topping artist also accurately nicknamed ‘soul mama’ on Australian Idol, Angie Narayan will blow audiences away with her vocal skills and commemorative tribute as the leading woman of RESPECT.

“We’re going on four years now that the show has been touring New Zealand and Australia, and it’s been an incredible journey learning about Aretha and showing her life and her songs,” Ms Narayan said.

“With RESPECT we go on a chronological order from Aretha’s childhood all the way to her passing in 2018, so you get a real storyboard of her life told through the backing vocals and they tell the life of Aretha and her ups and downs.

“Really the show is about her triumphs which really paved the way for women in music, not only could she sing soul music, she could work through any genre with so much confidence.

“It’s a big show with about 30 songs, there’s a few surprises in there that people don’t expect and you not only fall in love with the music but get to understand the essence of who she was, her challenges and how she overcame them.”

Ms Narayan said interpreting Aretha’s music had been an honour, one that she couldn’t wait to share with Cairns’ audience once again.

“It was a challenge at first. Like Aretha, we both started in gospel music in church but I literally had to relearn how to sing because she filled music so differently, she had this credibility in her storytelling, so I had to learn her essence while also keeping it authentically me and I hope to bring that to the show,” she said.

“We’re going back to Cairns for the second time and I’m really excited because Cairns was our best audience to be honest and I absolutely loved it, they are so loud, there’s lots of fun, lots of dancing and I’m really looking forward to partying with the Cairns crew.”

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