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8 October, 2021

Simple tips to add colour to a room

WHAT should we do with that drab room? Be it a room at home or part of our workspaces, we all can identify with the problem of drab and boring rooms.

By Peter McCullagh

There are a few simple steps that can be taken to brighten any drab and listless room.

Lift the feeling immediately by painting one wall. Making a feature of one wall, adding a splash of colour and vibrancy immediately to the room. Pick a bold and contrasting colour to the rest of the space and immediately create that instant lift.

Become the pillow king or queen. Toss in a few pillows, add some bold colours and patterns and you create instant atmosphere. The plus side is, it is easier than painting and you can constantly change the mood by changing pillows.

Add some greenery. Plants add texture and colour, plus the pots will also add colour. They can be natural or artificial, but plants will lift a room.

Add warmth and colour to the floor. A rug adds texture as well as colour. A rug placed strategically in front of furniture or under a coffee table will lift the room.

Create a highpoint using bold art. Artwork will create a focal point in the room. Like cushions it’s a cheaper option and easier to change than giving the room a coat of paint.

Lighting impacts greatly on the mood of any room. Throw out the old oyster lighting, install down lights and brighten and freshen the mood.

Lighting comes in various shades of white. Stark white lights combined with colourful cushions and throws with a rug on the floor can prove to be a better option than painting.

So happy brightening. Life does not need to be drab, add some colour and start to live.

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