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Real Estate

17 September, 2021

Mirror... Mirror… Make it BIGGER

THERE are many reasons why a room can appear smaller than it is: Sometimes it can be the way furniture is arranged. A room could be divided or ‘cut off’ by a sofa or a piece of furniture positioned poorly.

By Peter McCullagh

Too much furniture or clutter in a room will appear to bring the walls in, making it appear smaller. The other common issue with room size can be lighting combined with overly dark decor or furniture.

A room can instantly be transformed using mirrors and additional lighting.

The easiest method is the placement of mirrors, if you are renting and cannot do much about painting or even lighting.

The easiest way to instantly increase the  appearance of the size of a room, as well as brightening the room is the installation of a large mirror wall.

Use a mirror to dominate the space on a wall, one or even multiple mirrors will instantly cast light through the space and create the appearance of a ‘second space’.

If it’s a bathroom that appears to be too small, use a large vanity mirror. Break out, go large, install a vanity to ceiling mirror and as wide as the vanity top. The extra reflection space will allow light to bounce, instantly creating a brighter and much larger appearance.

Positioning your mirrors near windows will bring reflective light into the space. This natural light will enhance the room and serve as an additional window.

Another interesting concept is to group or cluster the mirrors in your room. Different sizes and heights will create a visually appealing highpoint in the room in addition to additional light and the feeling of space.

Mirrors are the best and cheapest way to create a new feel or emotion in a room. Combine the mirror with colour in décor items and you will create emotion within a room as well as light and space.

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