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1 October, 2021

Get rid of the uninvited guests this summer

AS the weather starts to warm, and we once more embrace the great outdoors, the last thing we want is uninvited guests to our evening barbecues.

By Peter McCullagh

We are not talking about ‘Mr Wilson’ over the fence who pops up to have a chat with a frank and honest exchange of wisdom and wit.

The uninvited guests we all loath are the flying kind. Mosquitos and flies, that seem to be lurking waiting for some exposed food or flesh.

There are a few simple ways we can discourage the bugs from invading our next alfresco dining experience.

If we have ceiling fans, set them running. A constant stream of air discourages the mosquitos and creates an uncomfortable setting for them.

The plus side is that we have a cooling breeze for our outdoor event.

Empty all those reservoirs of water. By now we should all be aware that stale water captured in areas around our home are a breeding ground for mosquitos.

Empty the containers, refresh the water in the backyard bird bath each week, turn the wheelbarrow upside down and get rid of the mosquito maternity ward in the backyard.

Plant out the garden with natural insect repellent plants. Having a small herb garden close to the outdoor setting can assist in repelling mosquitoes and flies.

Rosemary, oregano, parsley and thyme are excellent natural repellents for insects and bugs.

Garlic is difficult to grow in the tropics but it will serve as a good natural repellent for bugs.

Head off to the local nursery and have a chat to find out what they recommend as a
natural repellent.

Another great way to discourage the insects is through the use of citronella candles.

These can add atmosphere to any setting. Citronella is available in candle form or as an oil for a burner, adding a flame effect for ambiance.

Lighting can play a major role in reducing the unwanted visitors. Bugs have eyesight that helps them better see shorter wavelengths of light.

That includes blues, purples, and even ultraviolet light which is invisible to humans.

However, their visual range does not include warmer colours, like red or orange.

Daylight white bulbs contain higher concentrations of blue light.

To keep bugs away from a patio at night, try swapping out cooler bulbs for warmer ones, especially yellow or sodium vapor bulbs.

Don’t use bulbs that are any brighter than you need because the intensity of the light can also be a pest

The great outdoors is a place to be enjoyed, relaxing with friends, fine food and a drink. It’s not the place for the constant ‘aussie salute’ as we wave away the persistent unwelcome visitors.

I guess the final easiest of all solution is the insect spray, and we can all ‘Ave a good weekend’

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