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3 September, 2021

Decluttering that wardrobe is easier than you think

WARDROBE storage can be a problem in many households. It’s very easy to accumulate additional clothing without getting rid of any we currently do not wear.

By Peter McCullagh

Hoarding clothes will quickly take up our valuable wardrobe space and eventually we will not be able to find what we want, when we need it.

Here in the north a packed wardrobe can lead to mould issues as there will be insufficient airflow between the clothes.

The bottom line is that hoarding clothes is not healthy and not very practical.

So, how exactly do we de-clutter our wardrobes?

Step 1. Face the facts. Do I need 30 polo shirts and 10 pairs of trousers? I first must admit there is a problem, and I do have too many clothes before I can actually reduce the amount of clothes clogging my wardrobe.

Be gentle on yourself. I could go crazy and purge totally, reducing drastically the amount I have, or I could take it gradually and review what fits, what I have not worn for 12 months and reduce my wardrobe over a period of time.

Can you help me? Ask your partner for their assistance. Take a second opinion, do I look good in this? Do I really need to keep this? I know you bought it for me, but do I need to keep it? This will help to remove some of the sentimentality from the task.

Vacuum-pack if possible. It’s an easy solution to seasonal wear. The vacuum-pack storage bags can significantly reduce your storage clutter, whilst keeping clothes and jackets you need for your cold weather holiday destinations.

Organise. Wardrobes are easily organised using commercially available inserts, drawers, hangers, baskets. Check out what is available and suddenly your wardrobe becomes a place for clothes and not a jumble.

Once completed, stay on top of it. No good getting your wardrobe down to a manageable size, but over the coming months, after some real bargains at the sales you find you have the same issue.

Decluttering is not a seasonal activity, it’s an ongoing practice. If additional clothes are added to the wardrobes, some items will need to be removed to maintain the status-quo.

If you are looking for ideas on organising your wardrobes, visit display homes on a weekend as check out how their wardrobes are organised. Look for ideas then see what will best suit your wardrobe space.

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