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17 September, 2021

Compost or mulch

MANY gardeners do a mixture of both, but it’s important to understand the difference as well as the benefits from each option.

By Peter McCullagh

Mulch is a protective layer that covers your garden, aiding in water retention as well as restricting the growth of weeds and protecting against erosion.

Mulch can also introduce a warmth and natural look to your garden, softening the hard edges you have surrounding the beds.

Compost on the other hand has the primary function of enriching the soil through the leeching of nutrients, from the decaying matter in the compost.

Compost can be dug into the garden bed or spread as a surface covering. When dug into the soil the compost benefits are realised faster.

The first step would be to identify exactly what end result you are seeking for your garden. If it’s poor soil quality or an abundance of clay within your garden, compost is the fastest way to change the nature of your soil, enriching it and creating a garden that thrives.

If you are seeking to reduce the amount of watering required for your prized garden, then be liberal with the use of mulch.  Many councils have mulch available from their transfer stations and will on occasions have it at a reduced price or even free.

A liberal layer or mulch, up to 20 centimetres in thickness will retain the moisture in the soils as well as reduce considerably the amount of water required to maintain your garden.

For more information speak to your local nursery, and see what they recommend for your garden.

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