28 June, 2024

Pride tops ladder

WITH a staggering victory of 48-0 against the Townsville Blackhawks, Northern Pride has rightfully claimed their place at the top of the ladder as their gritty fight for the championship continues.

Jake Clifford jumps high.
Jake Clifford jumps high.

Feeding off the energy of the home crowd, Northern Pride stunned their fans at Barlow Park with a shattering victory against their NQ rivals the Townsville Blackhawks at the Kenfrost Homes Rivalry Round to, not only, take their well deserved first place on the ladder, but also retain the Kenfrost Homes Cup for the second year.

Pride coach Eric Smith said this performance had been nothing short of enormous with the team displaying unmatched teamwork and focusing in a very physical and aggressive game that stunted their rivals on the field.

The team is now gearing up for two home games at Barlow Park, tomorrow from 3pm against the Mackay Cutters and next Saturday, July 6, against the Central Queensland Capras, where they hope to use the crowd’s energy and home status as an advantage to defend their position as current leaders of the championship.

Pride’s chief executive Garreth Smith said this had been the biggest display of the spirit of Northern Pride.

“From the first whistle to the last, their (Pride’s) determination was evident, and they left no stone unturned in their quest for the win at home,” he said.

“Special mentions go out to Ash Little, who was the Ringers Western Players Player, whose performance was nothing short of inspiring in securing the win. The cohesion and tenacity displayed by the team are what define Kenfrost Homes Northern Pride, and it was on full display for all to see.

“Not only did we secure a great victory, but we also had the honour of retaining the Kenfrost Homes Cup. This accomplishment is a testament to the dedication and resilience of our entire team.

“We were also thrilled to witness the growing support from our community. The crowd numbers were impressive, and the energy at Barlow Park was electrifying. 

“It's heartwarming to see so many fans, old and new, coming together to cheer on our team. Your support is the lifeblood of our club, and it motivates our players to give their all on the field. Thank you for your unwavering loyalty and enthusiasm.”

Mr Smith said that despite the excitement of the win their focus was now back on preparation and strategy in the face of a challenging match against the Cutters.


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