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3 September, 2021

We are not all in this together

Duplicity: Saying one thing but doing another.

By Peter McCullagh

Example: Announcing a closure of Queensland’s borders for two weeks for people transferring to Queensland from a COVID hotspot, but then 5 days later welcoming 100 people from COVID hotspots (NRL WAGs).

This is the best example of the duplicitous behaviour from the Queensland Premier and the Queensland’s Chief Health Officer.

How can it be, that the Queensland government would give special consideration to the WAGs and families of NRL players? It’s not as if the NRL has a glowing track record of following COVID protocols.

In July, the Queensland government issued a final warning to the NRL regarding breaches to the strict bubble arrangements.

Apisai Koroisau was fined $35,000 and suspended for two matches over an Origin hotel breach.

Jai Arrow was also fined for a similar breach. ARLC Chairman, Peter Vlandys has admitted that a total of 19 NRL players have committed COVID breaches in the past 18 months.

So why are we still giving preferential treatment to the NRL and their families?

The Palaszczuk led government has shown a total lack of respect and compassion for Queenslanders trapped interstate and overseas due to COVID.

A week ago, the Premier announced a two week pause on relocations to Queensland from interstate hotspots as the state’s quarantine hotels are full.

Unless I am greatly mistaken Sydney is classified as a ‘hotspot’. So why have the Premier allowed this to happen.

Do not insult the intelligence and say this is a private arrangement with the NRL footing the bill so it has nothing to do with the government.

The Palaszczuk Government controls the Queensland border, so why has they allowed this to happen.

There are hundreds of genuine, compassionate examples of Queenslanders needing to return home after interstate visits to loved ones who are sick or dying, yet the Premier decides to do a dodgy deal and backflip on the decision to close borders for two weeks.

At this time, we need consistency in decisions. We need transparency in our government, and we need the collective to all work together for the common good. Afterall, we are told that we’re all in this together, or perhaps not.

Announcing a two-week pause and then days later, then selectively re-opening the borders up to a group of people with a dismal collective track record, and with the majority of the group from COVID hotspots, does not build confidence in the community.

I think the premier will need every one of her 30 plus media ‘spin-team’ as she attempts to make this festering pile of NRL excrement palatable for the Queensland public.

Unfortunately, this is one COVID decision made by the government that Queenslanders cannot abide by and accept.

Across the state, the comment and condemnation is resounding, one very horrible decision unfortunately is overshadowing many great decisions made during our 18 months of COVID hell.


Peter McCullagh


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