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10 September, 2021

The COVID Reality – The Facts

Time for a reality check. For many people here in the north the name Mohammed Shaar would not be familiar.

By Peter McCullagh

Shaar is a self-described ‘natural healer’ and Islamic preacher in Sydney, who opposed vaccination and told his followers that COVID was a hoax.

Unfortunately for Shaar he contracted COVID. Initially he posted on social media that he had a cold, telling his followers not to worry at all.

His loved ones are now asking people to pray for the preacher as his condition deteriorates.

In the United States, prominent radio personality Marc Bernier, dubbed “Mr Anti-Vax” contracted Covid in early-August. Before contracting the virus, he protested against restrictions as well as vaccination rollouts accusing authorities of “acting like Nazi Germany.” He died in late August after a three-week battle with COVID.

Amanda Gulasi, a disability support worker in Sydney had been convinced by anti-vaxers and conspiracy theorists not to be vaccinated.

She has since been struck down by COVID and publicly admits her error, calling on people to vaccinate as it is real, and ‘it will kill you’.

Across the world, there are countless examples of high profile anti-vaxers, contracting COVID ending up in hospital or even dying.

There’s no joy in these stories. There’s no perverse, “I told you so.” The reality is that millions of people worldwide have refused to be vaccinated as a result of thousands of ill-informed people taking a stand and promoting misconceptions and lies.

If you take offense to my stand, please take the time to google the following names and details:

● Shock jock Phil Valentine

● Media personality Dick Farrel

● Mask critic Caleb Wallace

● COVID sceptic Marcus Birks

Brian Eskew – COVID

There are hundreds more examples.

The final word, please vaccinate. Being vaccinated will save your life, you may still contract the virus as the marine pilot here in Cairns did but being vaccinated meant he did not get horribly ill, he did not end up in hospital on a ventilator, and when he did unknowingly pass the virus on, the taxi driver received a mild dose and did not become a super spreader.

We have a mass-immunization clinic operating on the weekend at the Cairns Convention Centre. Please, roll up your sleeve and get vaccinated. Ignore the conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxers, do it for your parents, your partner and your children.


Peter McCullagh


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