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17 September, 2021

Text and Letters to the Editor – September 17, 2021

A selection of the letters and texts to the editor this week, September 17

By Reader Submission


I agree with Skye, Cairns Well said!! On all levels!! If the government wants us vaccinated at least let us choose what vaccine we want! But they don’t.

This government isn’t a democratic government, it’s a dictatorship & Australians are all sucked into the vaccine. Because you can still get Covid & its variants.

It’s not a fix people. Australia is an island. Covid shouldn’t have got in. But all the government thinks about is money over health of people. No choice, No vaccine!!

And we shouldn’t be discriminated against because of our choice. Freedom to choose is our right!!!  

JANET,  Innisfail


Agree totally Skye, Cairns about your right to put vax into your body.

But with that right comes your responsibility to stay at home or keep away from everybody else.

You can’t have it both ways millennial?

TAGGS, Coquette Pt


Skye 10/9: No State or Federal government has made it compulsory for us to be immunised against COVID-19, appears you are protesting against something that doesn’t exist, not unusual nowadays!

ROBERT, Earlville



I see the ACT in lockdown for another month! Does that mean, only the PM and his cronies on top of the hill are allowed out to party with family?

NOEL, Cairns



Well may my chooks turn into emu’s and kick me dunny door down, it’s hard to believe that CLN is 1 year old. Congrats team for a great inaugural year. Can’t wait to see what happens for the terrible two’s.

WAYNE, Wayne’s World



It’s about time the deniers accepted they are wrong. COVID is real and kills. Kali Cook, 4 years of age died after contracting the virus from her unvaccinated ant-vaxxer mum. But I’m sure this American sceptic will believe the government agent killed her daughter.

ROGER, Bungalow



Voluntary Assisted Murder. Do we really have the right to kill? I guess we do, because we also slaughter unborn babies because for the convenience of parents, or perhaps it’s an inconvenience to the parents.

JAMES, Mooroobool



Letter to the Editor Sept. 9. What a nasty and rude person Rachael is. Because Stella disagreed with the anti-vaxxers, she is accused of hoarding toilet paper and being a closet-knitter.

Rachael’s logic is amazing. Her ability to grasp the facts astounds me.

Unfortunately her letter reveals more about her ability or lack there of, to rationalise what is actually happening in the world.

People opposing vaccination such as Rachael are a risk to themselves, their children and the rest of society.

Well done to Stella for speaking her mind, and making sense.

PENNY, Earlville


Hey Rachael, I have a few spare rolls of tin foil you can borrow.

GEOFF,  Manunda



Well done to the 3,500 people who had their first dose last weekend at the Convention Centre. But we need more and not just a few weeks of this, we need walk-in vax clinics operating every weekend at the shopping centres.

Surely we can set up one at Cairns Central and really lift the numbers.

IAN, Parramatta Park


Thanks to the staff at the Convention Centre last Saturday. No long wait. Turned up and 40 minutes later I was back in my car, with very little inconvenience to my day.

So, where’s the problem. Come on Cairns, roll up your sleeves and turn up.

JOANNE, Edmonton


For some reason my Queensland COVID app is playing up. I keep getting an error message related to a lack of internet connection.

The only remedy is to uninstall and reinstall the app.

This is inconvenient, especially when you want to check-in to a new business.

I have heard of other users having the same issues.

This appears to be a glitch in the app, potentially leading to thousands of users being unable to check into a business rendering the contact tracing process worthless.

LUDDLITE, Port Douglas



It’s a bit concerning to read the letter from Dying with Dignity. “Under a voluntary assisted dying law there will not be one single extra death...”

It’s not the number of deaths, its the manner in which these deaths come about and the people involved with the process that is the issue.

Medical staff, who are opposed to VAD will have to nurse and treat these ‘patients’. This could create massive emotional trauma for those staff.

Will they lose their jobs if they refuse to assist?

Do they have protection should they speak out and perhaps express concerns regarding the motivation of those wanting a loved one to ‘die with dignity’? This law needs greater though before we rush it through parliament.

RICHARD L.  North Cairns

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