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18 September, 2020

Putting Local Back Into Newspaper

Editorial Cairns Local News #1 18 September 2020

By Peter McCullagh

When printing presses were first developed in the 1500s they initially were used for the printing of bibles. But very quickly books, pamphlets and then newspapers became the standard jobs on these presses.

Since the 17th century newspapers have been produced to inform, entertain and empower communities.

In the early 2000s some publishers changed their focus and moved away from the core driving life-blood of newspapers.

How long has it been since we uttered the century old phrase, “it’s in my LOCAL newspaper.”

Throughout regional Australia and within suburbs of our capitals, locals have reached on a weekly or even daily basis for their local newspaper.

The paper that informed, entertained and empowered their community.

But sadly since the mid - 2000s publishers have moved away and ignored the community, closed the free-weekly papers and passed the baton for production of local news to the internet and social media.

We believe that community news and pride can be built using a combination of newspaper, a news and community website and an online edition of the hard copy paper.

Cairns Local News represents a small group of people, passionately dedicated and believing in local business and our community.

We’re not a national media company, looking at the bank balance and rationalising services to suit balancesheets or shareholders.

I grew up in an era of newspaper, and still firmly believe in the power of the local paper.

Our publication is free, free to pick up and read, free to read on-line. No paywall. Our advertisers believe in our message, ‘support local and keep it local’.

We only make our money from our advertisers, so please, if you see an ad you like and respond to it, tell the business, ‘I saw it in the Cairns Local News.’

If we all focus on local and supporting local we will grow our community, grow opportunities for our children and also strengthen our ability to survive any challenge our community experiences.

This week we are proud to announce the sponsorship of Cairns Footy Show. A sensational project driven by a small group of very passionate AFL supporters here in Cairns. Locals having a red-hot crack and we will back them all the way.

After-all, it’s essential to put local back into the newspaper and here at Cairns Local News we will do that.

Locals supporting locals, keeping it local and proudly and passionately supporting our community.

Peter McCullagh - Editor

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