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27 August, 2021

Letters to the Editor Friday August 27, 2021

A selection of the letters and texts this week to the Editor

By Reader Submission


Once again we see the results of ‘not testing for COVID’ BEFORE people boarding flights, and unfortunately for New Zealand they pay the price for our pathetic health system. Sydney Health is 100 percent to blame for a totally preventable mess-up.

NOEL, Cairns



Hi there, I look forward to reading the Cairns local news regularly. Imagine my disappointment in this weeks edition when I discovered there are no puzzles! Is this a permanent thing? I hope not



Editors Response: My apologies, we dropped the puzzles at the last minute last week due to a technical issue with the file. I apologise. We know our readers love their puzzles and quiz so this would never be a permanent thing.



Can you imagine living in a world where our government tell us we’re no longer permitted to exercise for more than an hour a day? I’d rather live in Sydney

SUE N, North Cairns



Editorial Friday August 20 re lack of doctors. Try to get an appointment at your GP. It’s impossible. To see my regular GP, I have to wait up to a week. That’s not health care, that’s third world standard.

The government should train more doctors. This is not a new problem, this has been around for years, it’s just worse now with COVID.

Train more local doctors, give us a better standard to healthcare and do it quickly.

MICHAEL T, Bentley Park


Last weekend we witnessed large Freedom Marches and Protests in Cairns and the rest of Australia. It’s important to understand fully what was being celebrated here.

The Freedom to tell the majority to bugger off, you are not important, I’m the only one who is important here.

The Freedom to tell medical authorities that they have greater knowledge than professionals who are leading specialists in their field, because after all they have researched on the internet and they know it all.

The Freedom to knowingly place at risk innocent adults and children because they feel its their right.

The Freedom to wave one finger at authorities because they know better, however they will hold the authorities accountable if their civil liberties are encroached upon but bugger the rights of others.

The Freedom to only care about me, it’s all about me.

It’s about time we all woke up, the greatest COVID threat today is from these ‘Freedom-fighters’ who spread misinformation and create unrest and as a result people fear getting vaccinated.

SJ, Trinity Park



How long will it be before one of the red-necked fools we have in parliament here comes out and states that if Toutai Kefu and his family were allowed to keep a firearm they would not have been attacked.

Unfortunately, so feel the solution to crime is a firearm.

BJ, Mareeba



The enlightened are campaigning for women’s rights in Afghanistan now that the Taliban have taken control.

Are these the same ‘woke’ individuals who campaigned against the US and Australian involvement in the war in Afghanistan? Are these the same ‘woke’ individuals who campaigned against US and Australian involvement in Iran and Iraq? The Taliban needed to be stopped and totally destroyed, but the enlightened ‘woke’ brigade made it an unpopular and wrong conflict to be involved in, but now they understand women have no rights, gays are executed and children are taken into the armed forces and turned into killers.

To those enlightened ones in society who now campaign for women’s rights in Afghanistan, where was your voice years ago speaking in favour of the war against the Taliban?




The state parliamentary Health Committee has now reported on its inquiry into the proposed Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2021 and has recommended it proceed.

For more than three decades Dying With Dignity Queensland and many others have been campaigning for such a law to give better end-of-life choices to terminally ill people or those with neurodegenerative disorders and experiencing intolerable suffering.

We are now roughly just three weeks from the day our 93 state MPs will start debating the Bill.

I urge all Queenslanders who support VAD, if they have not already done so, to tell their local MP that they expect them to vote for the Bill.

MPs will be given a conscience vote, but it is vital to remember that this issue is not about them or their personal attitudes to VAD.

It is about giving their constituents a better choice at the end of life, so MPs really should not prioritise their personal religious or philosophical beliefs about VAD.

They should not impose their opinions on others or allow their personal views to deny choice to others.

Everyone, including all 93 MPs, must also remember the simple fact that under a voluntary assisted dying law there will not be one single extra death, but there will be a lot less suffering.

JOS HALL President- Dying With Dignity Queensland


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