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19 March, 2021

Letters and Texts to the Editor March 19, 2021

Letters and Texts to the Editor March 19, 2021

By Reader Submission


We still need to also keep social distancing that means observing the amount of people allowed in a store, standing on the marks on the floor & staying 1.5 metres between one another COVID is going to be around for a long time yet if people don’t adhere to the measures that are in place

 BEN, Babinda



Vaccines and life insurance.   Many life insurance companies will not pay out if you die after getting jabbed with the Moderna, Pfizer or AstraZeneca mRNA vaccine because they are classified as experimental medical interventions. They are not fully approved yet and are still in the experimental face. So you really are one of their guinea pigs

 LUKE, Mt Carbine


Re/ William, well I won’t be getting the COVID vaccine. I am not an anti-vaxer, it is my choice & I simply just do not want it... how dare anybody say that other people should not have an opinion on whether they choose to be vaccinated or not? You sound ridiculous! that is up to the person! 




Re Joseph of Mt Sheridan. The polar ice caps are melting, low-lying Pacific nations ARE being inundated and polar bears ARE in trouble despite your remarks to the contrary. And the majority of Australians, 80% according to a recent poll, are concerned about climate change.

 MATT, North Cairns



It’s interesting to note the instructions on the QLD Health website as to what we must continue to do after we have received our COVID vaccination.

Social Distancing, hand hygiene and cover up when coughing and sneezing. So do we need the vaccination?

 GERRY,  Cairns



The voucher scheme is a good one, however I bet a large majority will go unused. Pinned to the fridge and not redeemed. Would have been better to sell the vouchers $250 in value for $50. This way the only ones applying for them are the ones that want to and will use them. If they don’t used them at least the tourist operators can share in the $50 purchase price.

Another great government idea that will not work.

Well done to the fools who thought of it. Looking for votes are we?

 MICK, Smithfield


Great idea, but why weren’t there more vouchers available for Far North Queensland? We should spend in our own backyard first.

 NIGEL, Brinsmead



COVID has caused the hospital to issue a Code Yellow Alert.

With so many cases coming in from PNG, why are we still letting
flights land.

We need to ensure our hospital system can cope with locals without bringing in cases from overseas.

Stop the flights now.

 PETER, Westcourt



Seems like we have not fixed the problem, we relocated the issue. The bats are taken up residence in the suburbs and now it’s everyones problem.

Well done Cairns Regional Council. You spent over a million dollars to make a problem for more ratepayers..

 JEFF, Edgehill


Can’t understand why the flying foxes wanted to live in Cairns CBD. The rain forests are cooler than the concrete jungle, yet we want to continue to keep the bats living in a less than friendly environment.

Are we truly caring about the bats or are we mis-guided?

 KAREN, Earlville


Now that the bats have moved on perhaps your leftist leaning paper will move onto your next great environment salvation agenda.

I would like to see more news and less agenda driven stories.

 GEORGE, Gordonvale



On Friday afternoon we stood outside our Federal MP Warren Entsch’s office to ask his government to hold the Australian Attorney General Christian Porter accountable.

According to the lawyer of the deceased woman who alleged Christian Porter raped her, “The system entrenches male privilege and operates organically to shore it up.”

This case shows that women cannot trust our Federal Government as accused perpetrators are protected while women are not valued, believed or listened to.

As a child or a woman, it is terrifying knowing that a man can hurt you and create trauma for you, with a high probability of never being held accountable, simply because he denies it.

Only seventeen per cent of rape is reported and only one third of rapists are convicted.

These figures are indicative of a culture that perpetuates sexual violence against women and children.

It is time for change, where people who perpetuate a culture of patriarchy and misogyny will no longer hold power.

We should have people in power who stand up for women’s rights and create policy that protects women and children from poverty and violence at a Federal level.

We must move forward towards a civil society and create systemic structural chance providing safety and equality for women and children.


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