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3 September, 2021

Letters and Texts to the Editor Friday September 3, 2021

A selection of readers letters and texts to the editor – Friday September 3

By Reader Submission


Can’t trust this government. Close the border to double-vaccinated Australians, but footballer WAGs can come in. Not good enough

BOB, Earlville


No compassion, no plan, no idea. Thanks, Annastacia. Can’t return to Queensland after a visit interstate to a sick relative, but the girlfriend of an NRL player can. Are you for real?

TH, Cairns


No credibility anymore for the CHO and the Premier. How can you NRL WAGs from Sydney into Queensland but you refuse to allow vaccinated Queenslanders to return from interstate. Can’t have two rules on an important issue like COVID.

JIM, Smithfield


Perhaps the current Premier is considering following in the footsteps of Peter Beattie and looking for a job after politics with the NRL. She certainly appears to be giving them favourable treatment.

CLAIRE, Edmonton


Will the Queensland Government confirm they will open borders fully when we reach 80% vaccination levels? They have already confirmed they are prepared to selectively open the borders to NRL boofheads and WAGS, when we are 30% vaccinated.

MATTY, Cairns



The only solution in Afghanistan is to Nuke the joint and get rid of all the crap. Then start again.

STEVE, Westcourt


Ex Serviceman, those you criticise campaigned against the invasion of Iraq which, on the flimsiest of evidence, drew valuable resources away from Afghanistan.

BRIDGET, Manunda



BJ, Mareeba, Don’t you think you’d rather be tried by 12, than carried by 6. Might be ok if you’re an armed cop.

KJ, Edmonton



Sue N, North Cairns. If you’d rather live in Sydney, don’t let the border hit you on the way over and take all your LNP mates with you. Anna is a sane premier. Go back to your mess of a state.

KJ, Edmonton



Sorry, but Sydney Health cannot be blamed for the spread of Covid to NZ as Noel says in your 27 August paper.

All returnees from Australia to NZ have to have a negative COVID test within 72 hours of flight departure. This was mandated by the NZ government in early July.

The current outbreak in Auckland is due to poor practices in hotel isolation facilities. Put the blame where it belongs, squarely in the NZ government’s court.

ANNE, Palm Cove



Polo playing ‘woke’ ex-royal Harry ‘please do as I say, not as I do’ Windsor is typical of the newly enlightened ‘woke’ generation. They appear to be caring about the planet and causes, but really, it’s just another way of selfishly imposing their view upon the world.

Harry catches a lift in a private jet to return home after a polo match. Doesn’t take a commercial airline, but a private jet. Love the way he leads by example.

Got to agree with Ex-Serviceman from Redlynch who last week blasted the ‘woke’ generation and their treatment of the members of the armed forces.

Well written and well said.

RAN member, Cairns



Can those people who refuse available vaccination against Covid-19, promise us that they will also refuse all medical treatment/hospitalisation if they catch the virus?

If I become ill or injured, I do not want to find the hospital is too full of non-vaccinated Covid sufferers to receive me.

Nor do I want overstretched hospital staff exposed to additional unnecessary stress and danger. Those of us who are vaccinated are doing our bit to see off this pandemic and restore normal life, but our efforts are being undermined by those who refuse to take responsibility.

I suspect those who spurn the vaccination do not hesitate to get in a car, although well over a thousand people die on Australian roads each year.

STELLA m, Whitfield



Hear hear, SJ on the Freedom Marchers. They want freedom to avoid responsibility and make everyone else carry the burden.

They are the greatest threat to the community because they refuse to accept responsibility for taking care of the vulnerable.

Mind you, contrary to reports there were only a couple of hundred there, not the 700 as stated in reports, so I guess with only about 1% of people actually registering a passionate commitment to ‘freedom’ they really are a toothless tiger.

BTW keep up the good work Cairns Local News. Loving your articles every week and your letters page really has a variety of opinions. Good to see. Thanks.

STEVE, Parramatta Park


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