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1 October, 2021

Letters and texts to the Editor Friday October 1, 2021

A selection of the texts and letters to the Editor published Friday October 1, 2021

By Reader Submission


If there’s one thing worse than a tin foil hat wearer… it’s a tin foil hat wearer clutching a bible. ELLIS from Cairns. Your ‘god’ will keep you safe from Covid. So why does he punish little children, who are currently in Intensive care hospitals in NSW. Are these children ‘sinners’? Your ‘god’ is punishing them by not keeping them safe from Covid. Or is your ‘god’ punishing there parents by allowing there children to become infected? I don’t like your ‘God’. Matthew 19:14 Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me…” Was that so he could infect them with Covid?  

MICK,  Cairns


How can a government create two distinct classes of people. It’s not constitutional. Those who line up for the untested, untried chemical jab will be allowed greater freedoms. Those who question the faulty science are going to be treated as second class. Is that fair? Are we living in Nazi Germany?

M ABBOTT,  Cairns


Re Ellis and god is her vaccine. Say hello to the big guy in the sky, give him my best regards when you see him, I think you will see him much sooner than I will..

SKY P, Cairns



Why do we continue to cling to the notion that daylight saving is bad? Once more we continue to out of step with the balance of Australia. Seems this is the way for our political leaders here in Queensland, not to mention our business leaders who all spruik the fallacy that things are different here in Queensland. Yes, you are right, 10 years behind the rest of Australia and 20 years behind the world. 




Letter Re water calculator: All rates notice includes a water bill. Whilst our bills may be small, your water calculator is going to help us save money. Thanks for publishing the link. We looked at it over the weekend & we do use too much water. I guess the Council don’t want us to use less water, they love to bill all rate payers for water usage. This will cost them revenue. Thanks 4 your story & commitment to saving water.

ROBERT W, Gordonvale



Disappointing Cowboys! Signing Fijian rugby players for 2022, while ignoring the talented players turning out each week for the Northern Pride.  A feeder club which seems to be largely ignored by its big brother. Again we will lose good players to southern clubs.  




Multi-billions of dollars, decades to deliver, by the time they roll off the assembly line the technology will be out of date, overpriced and a waste of time. Sounds like the NBN. Sco Mo is lumbering our children with a massive debt and technology that will not meet the needs of the day.

HELEN, Mt Sheridan


The French are upset with Australia. They feel betrayed by us over the submarine deal. Well, take a walk through the war cemeteries in France. More than 46,000 Australian died and are buried in France. I think the ledger is still in our favour.

DIGGER, Cairns



It appears that Townsville is better served by their elected member than Cairns. Prior to the last federal election, they were promised a new football stadium.

That was delivered.

Now they are seeking 100 million for a concert venue. Well Warren, what are you promising in the big bikkie stakes. It appears you are not really delivering for the region. Step aside and let’s get someone else who will fight for us and deliver. Perhaps Val should put her hand up.

BILL B, Redlynch



Look out another lock down looms. The CHO and the Premier are threatening. Another lockdown will destroy the north. We have ZERO tourists visiting from interstate, and now we have very few from Brisbane. A lock down will send us broke.

The Premier and the CHO are power mad and love their daily press conference with the eyes of the nation upon them. Put aside the ego and start to govern for ALL Queenslanders.




No good having direct flights from Adelaide to Cairns, no-one is game to travel incase a snap lockdown occurs and borders close. We need travel inside the state not from interstate.

REX, Cairns



Nationally we are considering reopening borders when we reach the 80% threshold for vaccinations. Have a fully vaccinated level of 80% would logically mean we have more than 80% with a single dose. Effectively meaning ultimately, we would have maybe 85% or higher in time as the single dosed people complete their vaccination cycle, therefore lifting the 80% to maybe 85%.

The climb upward from there would be slow as we know there will always for a number who refuse to receive the vaccination.

The same logic applies for the QLD government’s drive to 90% double vaxxed before opening the borders.

To achieve that figure, we would have maybe 95% with at least 1 dose. Is that realistic? Considering the number of people in remote communities as well as the number of vaccination resistant members of our communities, we will struggle to achieve this number.

So why is the Premier holding out for 90%, when we really do not have any chance of achieving this figure?

In Queensland we have 65% with one dose, and 46% fully vaccinated. Based on these figures sometime in the coming 3-4 weeks the single dose numbers will receive their 2nd dose and we will then be around the 65% fully vaccinated. We will then roll into November about 65%, by the end of November maybe 70%. The upward climb will slow and the time it takes will be longer.

So, when does the Premier suggest we will reach 90%? Based on logic and the figure available, I think it will be sometime in the 1st quarter of 2022, if at all.

Why are we not working as a nation collectively to ONE roadmap? The Premier has politicised this issue and we are all suffering.

Open the borders at 80% and let’s get back to life.



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