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10 September, 2021

Letters and texts to the Editor Cairns Local News September 10, 2021

A selection of readers letters and texts to this week’s Cairns Local News

By Reader Submission


My apologies to Ann from Palm Cove, and your readers regarding the New Zealand bubble ‘blue’.

NOEL, Cairns



Unfortunately, the same nuke tactic could be used for you Steve, Afghanistan. What moronic drivel.

TAGGS, Coquette Pt



I disagree with RAN Member (The King of Woke, letters 3 Sept).  Prince Harry’s sense of entitlement has little to do with ‘woke’.  Equally I don’t accept that it is due to him being a decorated veteran of the Afghan War.

His sense of entitlement came from his birth into the line of succession to the English crown.  He is like Prince Andrew and many other royal princes in past centuries - wasted ‘entitled’ lives. 

If the English people want to be ruled by such wastrels, good luck to them. 

Australia should insist on someone who has earned the job.

SEAN M, Clifton B



Who else is receiving the SMS ‘crap’ from Palmer’s United Australia Party? More like ‘Divide Australia Party.

REX, Westcourt



Why do we have to pay for parking in the CBD? The businesses are struggling, Free parking will attract more customers. Surely Cairns Council can understand that?

MARK, Manunda



Hey KJ. Get real, ‘tried by 12 instead of carried by 6’. That’s the sort of drivel the pro-gun lobby in the US state. Look at the gun deaths there. Do you really want Australia to have the same abysmal record?

12.21 Firearm related deaths per 100,000 population in US, 1.04 Firearm related deaths per 100,000 population in Australia. I’d rather be here, AND without guns.

TOM, Redlynch



Come on cyclists, please obey the road rules. A red light means stop not slow down and then cycle through. If you are going to be on the roads follow the road rules.

JEFF, Edge Hill



My body, my rights. if you don’t like it, tough. I will decide what I pump into my body and not the government.

SKYE, Cairns



NOOOO! We miss out on the NRL games in regional Queensland. Why Rockhampton and not Cairns? Well perhaps consider this, the opportunity to host maybe 2 - 3 big events per year and we spend millions on a new stadium. Gee that’s a good investment. In the meantime, there’s not enough public housing. We need more hospital beds, and more police, but some are carrying on demanding a new stadium.

We DO NOT need one. Our priorities are wrong.

In the end it’s not the government who pay for the stadium, it’s the taxpayers, and I would rather increase health police and public housing first.

TREVOR, Cairns North



Come on Cairns, roll up your sleeve and get vaccinated. If we are all vaccinated, and a visitor comes from south with COVID we will not be thrown into lockdown. Our tourism industry and ALL of Cairns will be spared a lockdown. We will be viewed as a COVID safe destination. So roll up to the Convention Centre and let’s all get vaccinated.

MANDY, Earlville



In answer to Stella Whitfield’s concern about non vaccinated people taking up spots in the health care system, a reminder that we all pay our taxes for this free service who by law can not discriminate.

Also, if you’re fully vaccinated then I’m sure you won’t need a ventilator. If you choose to believe a government (Queensland) that are banging on about getting vaccinated but allow football WAGS into our state but not allowing double vaccinated Queenslanders to return home, then more fool you.

No one really knows the long term impact of these vaccines and people are quite within their rights to make informed choices.

The whole push to vaccinate for our “fellow Aussies” is such a laughable desperate attempt.

I remember a year ago not being able to buy toilet paper for my old ailing uncle to wipe his butt because my fellow Aussies had greedily taken it all. I had to be employed as security to stop my fellow Aussies from being greedy and all the dodgy ways they came up with to pretend to not be related and get more toilet paper.

But you want us to band together and have a jab which is basically Russian Roulette. So if you’re vaccinated go back and sit with your knitting and enjoy your abundance of toilet paper and stop discriminating against people with real concerns for their personal safety.



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