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26 March, 2021

Letters and texts to the editor: March 26, 2021


By Reader Submission


I have no problem with people who refuse the jab. Like seniors during the crisis, they can go to the supermarket between 9 & 11 am on Tuesdays but don’t let them on busses, planes, taxis or trains. Or hotels, clubs or restaurants, anywhere they could jeopardise my health or safety. I will have the jab and want to be free to be around other like-minded people. Non-jabbers can have free choice, but at their expense, not the expense of my freedom.

CHRIS, Mossman



I really cannot see our Attorney General ‘looking into’ the crap decision the magistrate made regarding the ‘cold case,’ as ‘rape’ is not a word he wants to think about at this time, plus that he is ‘self-isolating’ which leads me to another question, his time off, does that come off holidays? or do we the taxpayer pay? bit silly of me eh ! we all know the answer to that haha. thank u

 NOEL, Cairns



Our prime minister, his agriculture and minister for trade, should feel totally ashamed and disgusted with themselves (as we, your humble servants) are totally disgusted with you. Why the bloody hell do you import produce that is grown on our own shores? Is it on purpose that you’re trying to bankrupt’ us? China won’t buy our products, but we still purchase all their crap; and now they won’t buy produce from Taiwan, your f...Ing attitude is: don’t worry guys, we’ll buy your shit and put our farmers out of business while we’re at it. Ya not making any friends scumo. Thank u

 NOEL, Cairns


What a joke. Pineapples from Taiwan. Another great example of how China is screwing the world with their trade bans.

Look after our farmers first

 MIKE, Edgehill


Well done Cairns Local News for bringing this news to the readers of Cairns. Have not seen it reported in the multinational paper here in town.

I guess you guys are the champions of locals.

BTW the government should be ashamed for allowing yet another industry be attacked by cheap imports.  Keep up the goog work to Bob Katter.

 PAUL,  Edmonton


Time we all got serious and looked after our local stores with a door. Local businesses employ locals, buy local and invest locally.

Time to turn our backs on the international corporations like coles and woolworths and apend our money with IGA’s and local businesses like Jonssons Farm Market.

 PAULINE, Edmonton


Well done Jonssons, 10 years. You guys rock, and you have better fruit and veges than the big guys. Jonssons are the Big Guys for Value and Quality.

 ROGER, Freshwater



How can the premier come into town, make announcements about what she will do to combat youth crime, AND then hold their inquiry,

BUT you have already told us the solution you have in mind BEFORE we have had a chance to tell you what the problem really is.

Could it be that you don’t give a rats, and you really do not care.

The inquiry was window dressing and a PR stunt. Another ‘cunning stunt’ by this out of touch and out of her depth premier.

 PETE, Westcourt



Re Waynes World, 19th March.

It’s understandable that you would feel that child birth is not as painful as a kick in your family jewels.

I guess you have just admitted that women have a higher pain threshold., and that you are a genuine wuss.

Child birth is more painful. Perhaps if you tried to pee a watermelon out of your old fella you might understand the pain of child birth.

 KAREN, Earlville


Spot on Wayne. Your logic makes perfect sense to me.

I’m never going to line up and let some one have a second kick on me.

The one I copped last weekend from the misses when I agreed with your column made my eyes water and still hurts.

Keep up the good work but please choose less painful subjects, I’m running out of icepacks, and my two best mates are sheltering near my kidneys.

 SORE, Mt Sheridan

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