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12 March, 2021

Letters and Texts March 12

Letters and Texts March 12, 2021

By Reader Submission


Wow, it could be so much simpler to keep control of ‘the virus’ & ‘other strains’. Mr prime minister and Mr health minister, you guys are supposed to have a bit of ‘grey matter’ up top so bloody use it or give the job to somebody that can, test for covid BEFORE people get on planes. Simple guys just use your BRAINS thank u.

NOEL, Cairns


Guys, if you don’t want a vaccination, thats ok. You can volunteer to work in the Fever Clinics, quarantine hotels and our hospitals and see how it is before you come running for a dose.

Have some consideration for the frontline workers. Learn some respect and keep you stupid mindless opinions to yourself.

The world would be better if you shut up.

William, Cairns



I think ‘scumo’ has backed himself into a corner while trying to protect his’ top law- maker’ mate, that may in fact be a ‘law-breaker’. The hole he dug is getting deeper. I think both these guys need to make some phone calls, it’s a toss-up who comes first: “HELP LINE” or “1800 RESPECT “ thank u. Noel cairns  

PS: The comment from the defence minister really is a case of “the pot calling the kettle black” don’t mean to be offensive but she really used the wrong word eh.

NOEL, Cairns



This Easter lets all do one thing. if 160,000 people ALL visited a local tourism attraction in our region, it would be a bumper time for everyone. if we all spent $10 with a tourism operator that would be $1.6million dollars helping employment in the region. It makes sense.

MICHELLE, Trinity Beach




The tin-foil hats are out again. Luke from Mt Carbine. COVID is real. COVID is a threat. COVID can kill and the vaccination is one way to prevent and protect. Same with facemasks and social distancing.

Pity protection wasn’t used a few years ago and we might not have had to write this reply regarding your text last week.


ALLIE,  Cairns


We are fortunate in Cairns. No community infections for months. We are controling the spread of COVID and full marks to our front line workers.

A total fail to the idiots arguing against vaccinations and facemasks.

Darwins natural selection could assist us by culling a few of these nay-sayers.


CHARLES, Gordonvale


Why are we allowing flights in from PNG? Why are the workers not staying there and being treated at source? Why are we placing our families and workers at risk?


MEG, Redlynch



I’m glad you guys are here. I like so many a sick of clicking on the pathetic click-bait links on social media and being asked to pay to receive the latest news.

Also why should I pay to receive government information?

So pleased you guys are in town, giving us the new for free.

Great journalists, great stories.

You need to do a mid-week edition as well.

Thanks guys 


TOM, Edmonton



$1.4 million dollars and no result. What a waste of ratepayers money.

Cairns Regional Council should be ashamed. Their strategy was wrong. Why move them on. Tourists love them.  No wait... the mulitmillionaire who owns some hotels doesn’t like them.

Why not run bat watching dusk parties at his hotel and make money from them.

No idea these guys.


STEVE, Bungalow


I’ve got a chainsaw at home. happy to hire it out to the council for $1.4 millions dollars.

I can and will fix the bat problem forever.


PETE, Westcourt




You devoted the front page and more to a letter written to the Prime Minister.

This letter was misleading, as it only quoted the per capita contribution of carbon dioxide by Australia.

The reality is that Australia contributes barely 1% to the world total, due to its relatively small population, while China contributes 28% and the USA 15%.

With due respect to Ms Martin, 21 years with Queensland Parks and Wildlife, funded by the taxpayer, with her no doubt generous pension also funded by the  taxpayer and living in the leafy suburb of Whitfield, does not qualify her to deprive the mining communities of the Hunter Valley or Central Queensland of their livelihoods.

Many scientists around the world acknowledge that climate change is occurring but believe it to be part of a natural cycle related to the activity of the sun.

What happened to all the predictions that the polar ice caps would be melted by now, polar bears would be extinct and low-lying Pacific nations would be inundated?

Like the predictions of the end of the world they just keep moving the date forward.

The last Federal Election showed that the sensible majority of Australians do not share  Ms Martin’s view.

People like her and the Greens, who represent around 10% of the electorate, think that by shouting loud enough they can dictate to the the majority. Like religious zealots they will never listen to anyone else’s view. 

Therefore like our democratically elected Prime Minister did initially, we should ignore them.


JOSEPH, Mount Sheridan

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