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8 October, 2021

Letters and Texts Friday October 8, 2021

A selection of letters and texts from our readers this week

By Reader Submission


Dear Editor, I totally agree with your sentiments in last week’s editorial about government spending in independent newspapers. When the Small Business Commissioner visited the Cassowary Coast at the start of COVID-19 this point was made (and echoed all around the state) about businesses being visible to the government.

If they only know the same old ways to do things, they sure as hell don’t have a way to get small regional businesses on the radar. Even if they wanted to reach outside of SEQ which most of us don’t believe they do. A Small Business & Procurement Register can be set up in a week but here we are 18 months down the track still no action. Promises from politicians are so comforting when your business is starving... not.


President Innisfail District Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Tourism



NSW is 70% and easing restrictions, come on Premier, what’s the plan for Queensland, or don’t you have one?

MICK,  Cairns



4 northern hospitals declaring code yellows, and the CHO and Health Minister all declare that our hospitals are up to the task. Do they actually know what the task is? Do they even understand what hospitals are for? I guess not, if the hospitals were up to it, we would not have code yellows.

GERALD, Cairns North


The AMA is concerned about the ability of our hospitals to cope with COVID. Here in Cairns we have had Code Yellows along with a staffing shortage. Theatres are not operating, delays in ED, understaffed in wards and we can cope with COVID.

No, and we need to be aware, COVID is coming and we will not be able to cope with it.

We need more funding for health care immediately.




What a waste of money. Imagine what we could do with 100 billion being spent on affordable housing? By the time we get our first sub the technology will be obsolete.

anthony, Port Douglas



If we do not have enough timber for housing, the solution is simple. Cut down more trees.

If we want affordable housing in the community and we want to tackle the rental crisis, build more houses. AND cut down more trees to do it.

Would the greenies prefer to have houses for the less fortunate or trees? 

WARREN, Cairns


I reckon Donald Trump tried to hack into Facebook with the assistance of the Russians in a failed attempt to reinstate his Facebook account. Obviously, it failed, but Trump perhaps was responsible for Facebook going off the air earlier this year… Just another tinfoil hat thought.

AL FOIL, Bungalow


What a wonderful morning it was, no Facebook. Went to the office and no one knew what to do. They had to start their day without checking to see if their “friends’ were still alive, or to find out the latest glib saying and meme posted by their ‘friends’.

DON, Woree



Barnaby Joyce reckons politicians should not be mandatorily vaccinated. What a crock. Really? Like health care workers, if they are not vaccinated, they should be sent home with no pay. They cannot make tough rules for the workers and easier ones for themselves.

Joyce’s attitude reflects a ‘born to rule’ mentality. The Nationals have lost all credibility with this clown in charge. And to make it worse, he was acting PM for a period last week.

DIGGER, Cairns



Does anyone think it strange that prior to the GF in Brisbane we had COVID cases that threatened to lock us down. On the Friday and Saturday, we still had community cases, however on the Sunday, the day of the final we had a clean bill of health. So, the GF could go on. BUT Monday one new case that had been in the community for the past 10 days, gee, did they know about that case on Sunday and delayed the announcement so Anna could have her GF?

It’s all a bit fishy.

RUSS, Parramatta Park


It appears our politicians were not watching the TV coverage of the grand final. Their comments about how the crowd followed the mask guidelines and were COVID safe were not a true reflection of what actually happened.

Perhaps in their corporate boxes with beer flowing they could not really see how the peasants were behaving.

The TV coverage show thousands all without masks and celebrating during the game. Guess the political masters are out of touch with reality.

SARAH, Cairns North


Did not see too many face nappies being worn in the crowd at the NRL Grand Final. Sure sign that this is a hoax and COVID is not real. There’s been no spike in case numbers since, so there’s the proof.

DEL BOY, Edmonton


Good to see at last some of the eye-sores on the Esplanade marked for demolition.

They do not reflect well on the town. If they are historic, restore them, make them look presentable, but the owners obviously wanted to sit on prime real estate, spend as little as possible and wait for a good offer to come along.

Now we can demolish them and build something more fitting.

AL, Woree

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