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22 July, 2021

Letters and texts Friday July 23

A selection of the letters and texts from our reader

By Reader Submission


Heartfelt thanks for your wonderful newspaper. Cairns Post fails to cover local news so well and your publication certainly fills the gap. Heartily endorse your call to put money in the tills of local butchers, greengrocers etc




We received a voucher at the airport and because it can only be used for half the price of an excursion, we have actually spent over $200 more than we had planned.

I hope this cheers you up, Sam T.

Best wishes Cairns.

Joy H. Sunshine Coast



A few things that ‘went against the grain’ this week.

Firstly, I think it’s bloody disgusting when a nurse can go to Melbourne, put her own health and safety at risk, to help when help was desperately needed.

Then told she couldn’t return to Queensland to bury her father and brother after their sudden death.

Somebody should lose their job over that. S

econd, just as I was about to support our premier for a great job she and her staff had done with the border closures at the start of the ‘first wave’ of the pandemic, but now, when the new (Sydney strain) hits New South Wales and Victoria, she ‘sits on her hands’, (will we / won’t we, should we / shouldn’t we) until it’s too bloody late.

Could end up as a bad move premier.

Thank u.

NOEL, Cairns



No scientific proof that the oceans are rising, and the reef is now in a re-growing phase. Climates change as the seasons come and go and the reef dies and regrows. Thats life.

Sam t, Cairns


We now have an opportunity to push for a rectangular stadium here in Cairns.

Queensland will host the 2032 Olympics. This is our opportunity to get the much needed infrastructure and build a legacy for the future.

Will our governments all join as one, local, state and federal and allocate the funds needed to build this now.

It’s no good waiting for another 5-7 years, we need it now.

Mitch , Edge Hill


Well done on your article last week supporting the local butchers.

We need to shop locally, at a store with a door and generate local dollars, local employment build our local community.

Can you consider running a series of local business articles, encouraging readers to shop locally. Put a face to the name of the business.

I can recommend Turner’s Home Appliances as one such business. I’d rather buy from them than buy from the big retailer that thinks if they shout louder and more frequent than any other business on local radio they will get more customers.

All they get are peed off ex-customers with headaches. Lets shop locally and build a stronger economy.

JOY,  Whitfield


Hey Council, can you do something aboiut the number of dogs roaming around during the day in Manunda? Can’t owners keep them in their yard?

DAVID J, Manunda


Keep your distance, please cover up when you cough, wash your hands and please get vaccinated. We do NOT need a lock down up here.

This is not a hoax, we are dealing with people’s lives here and we need to all get vaccinated.

As an indication of just how serious this is, the two COVID positive cases have been moved to Brisbane to better cope with the Delta strain. Well done Queensland Health

SUE D, Cairns


Please do not allow cars and trucks on the Esplanade during the day. We now have an amazing area for the public and the reintroduction of cars will destroy what is created.

Dining outdoors with cars going past a few metres from where you are seated is not nice and not the image we want for tourists.

EDITH F, Cairns



Despite the risk of triggering another nasty and personal attack on me (letters, 11 June) I have to take the Member for Leichhardt to task again. Now he’s off having a day on the reef with ambassadors from 13 countries to try and stop UNESCO listing the Great Barrier Reef as “in danger.”  Warren has closed his eyes to the massive coral bleaching events of 2016, 2017 and 2020. This last year has been benign and some coral has grown back so he’s trying to persuade everyone that everything is OK, nothing to see here.

And the federal environment minister, Sussan Ley, is helping Warren. She’s been flitting around the world on an eight-day lobbying jaunt that included flights to Hungary, France, Spain, Bosnia, Oman and the Maldives.

It’s China’s fault and the northern hemisphere too for the demonstrable loss of coral, they say. Warren thinks the hotter water from the north is to blame. Seriously. Don’t mention climate change.

It’s a pity our two elected government representatives haven’t put as much effort into improving the shambolic Covid vaccine roll out. Perhaps if they did, Australians would be safer than they currently are, and other countries would not be shaking their heads in disbelief at how we have stuffed up vaccinations so badly.

Val schier, Cairns

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