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26 February, 2021

Letters and Texts Cairns Local News Fri Feb 26 2021

Letters and Texts Cairns Local News Fri Feb 26 2021

By Reader Submission


I appreciate your paper featuring the Taylor Point situation on page three. Yesterday I wrote to Entsch, Crawford, Olds and Eden asking if they supported public ownership. Yes or no.

So far Brett Olds has replied with a definitive yes and suggested Federal Government funding or a land-swap. Now that is a creative solution. Good for Brett.

But I am disappointed that you are publishing an SMS like Digger’s. His “pandering to the leftist loonies” rubbish is merely abuse. Let other publications host these people. Or facebook.

This sort of language adds nothing to any debate. You should be better than this, really. I would much prefer that you publish people’s names and suburbs.




Editor’s Note: We believe in balance in debate and readers should have the opportunity to express their opinions. I may not personally agree with some opinions as expressed in this publication, however I believe readers should have the right to express them, as we strive to reflect the views of our community.



Should a foreign company have the right to dictate what we news we receive. I get total rubbish on Facebook filled with crap from anti-vaxers, but cannot see real news.

BOB, Woree





The results are in, Cairns is number 1 according to an on-line travel site, Wotif. Cairns and FNQ is a very unique part of the worl and we should be proud of where we live. People plan to come here for a holiday of a lifetime.

The reef, the rain forest, Skyrail, cassowaries and unspoilt wilderness.

But we must protect our natural resources. NOT lock them up and definately NOT destroy them. We must manage them

I do feel Council is failing us with regard to the bats and recently cutting down trees on the esplanade and Palm Cove.

We need to preserve and build the natural experience for our tourists to maintain our number 1 status.






Great news overnight. Rational thoughts have prevailed. There will be ANZAC Day marches in Queensland.

DIGGER, Cairns


Lets get rolling on the vaccination of residents here in Cairns. If we hurry we can get all our older residents vaccinated prior to April 25, making a safer environment for all our ex-diggers.

NIGEL, Gordonvale


Why don’t we combine both ideas. Lets Light Up The Dawn, like we did last year and also run the dawn service as well as a march.

It’s all about honoring our service men and women.

MARY, Cairns



How dare the government dictate to me what toxic substances I can put in my body. This drug is toxic and I will not accept a vaccination. COVID is not a fatal disease and this is a WHO and big Pharma Scam. Wake up Australia

Skye, Tablelands


Why are we rushing to inject a pseudo scientific drug into our bodies. We do not need this vaccine. It’s easier to boost our bodies immune system using natural vegetable and foods.

Organic not chemical foods.

BOB, Kuranda



The Cairns Plan and Vision seems to being ignored by Cairns Regional Council. Subdivisions and developments are given the green light with no thought to the consequences for the community.

We live in a narrow strip of land where construction is constrained by flood plains, cane fields and beautiful mountains. We have a struggling CBD, half empty shopping strips and malls. We have utilities that cannot cope with demands and roads that are in gridlock with minimal public transport to ease the congestion. We have developments that are destroying the sport, recreation and green space that we value for the well-being of ourselves and future generations. We are told our housing market is being distorted by cash rich buyers from Melbourne and Sydney. We have high unemployment in the tourist sector due to Covid-19 restrictions.

In reality, Cairns is becoming a conurbation with little to attract local and tourists in the future Do we want to live in a concrete jungle?

Many communities in Cairns are challenging the developments under consideration or approved by Cairns Regional Council of Cairns- Yorkeys Knob, Half Moon Bay, the Towers at Trinity, Edmonton and Gordonvale.

The Paradise Palms Residents Association Inc has been committed to Saving Paradise Palms. The Cairns Regional Council have decided that Paradise Palms, 60% of land zoned Sport and Recreation north of the Barron River, should be developed as residential, water park and a tourist village. The PPRA has challenged this decision in the Planning and Environment Court. This could cost PPRA $100,000 - $300,000 and the Council [your rates] and developer even more.

How can the community protect itself from over-development and destruction of our environment against those looking for profit and rates?

PPRA is trying but if we lose, we all lose. It could be you next.

Thanks to all who have donated to fund our appeal. Unfortunately, we need more so please donate and help us challenge in court. It could be your backyard next.

Donation details on our website

Eileen McMurtrie

PPRA Committee Member



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