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21 August, 2021

Letters and Texts Cairns Local News August 20

A selection of reader contributions

By Reader Submission

George W Bush Warned Us

It just goes to show that most world leaders have not made plans despite being warned so long ago that a pandemic would eventuate sooner or later.

Biological warfare has been on the cards since the 2nd World War (as well as chemical warfare), so it is mind boggling that nothing has been done to prepare for it.

Unfortunately, our governments are reactive rather than pro-active and so we now have unnecessary deaths of many people that would otherwise have been saved.

If only they had done what was clearly spelled out for them in 2005 by George W Bush.

Up-grade hospitals, stockpile medical equipment, ventilators, anti-viral medications, build isolation wards, have the ability to manufacture all of those things.

Sadly, China has big advantages over the West as our political cycles last 3 or 4 years. So much of it is spent in self-promotion, polls, consultants and denigrating the opposition.

Instead of building infrastructure to improve the lives of our people. They waste billions trying to reverse the inevitability of climate change. Huge amounts of time and energy is wasted on identity politics, political correctness and other such nonsense.

Our free speech has been trashed by Green ideologies, our children are being brainwashed in the very schools we have provided for what should be education not the  ‘Woke Group Think’ that is currently quashing free debate in schools and universities.

China on the other hand have clear and long-term strategies and goals that they can plan over many years.

They are it seems exempt from climate mitigation strategies. In fact, they are profiting vastly out of our stupidity, as we are taken in by this propaganda.

They are selling back to us solar and wind equipment manufactured by their slave labour using our coal that we are not allowed to use.

Duh! Are we on the same planet or what?

It is now becoming more evident that this virus was created artificially in a Wuhan laboratory.

Accident or not, China takes no responsibility for the death, suffering and damage to the economies around the whole world and have not been held accountable for the trillions of dollars’ worth of damage it has caused.

Not to mention the enormous death and misery.

Where is the United Nations in all this?

Isn’t this their job?

Perhaps a conflict of interest prevents them taking action as China seems to have great influence over them.

I guess we just have to hope we get some good strong leadership before it’s too late or it will be the fall of the Roman Empire all over again.

Suzy M, Cairns


Calls to scrap English

‘Woke’ at its best. How dare we teach the language that our entire economy, political system and society is built upon. Dr Hogarth believes using the noun ‘English’ is ‘an act of assimilation’. Get real.

Its time these academics shut-up. They are stirring up divide and pushing leftist radical beliefs upon the masses. We speak english as our main language.

Will they want to change the subject name for Japanese, French, German or Greek at schools?

MT,  Cairns


Rectangular Stadium

WHY? Because Townsville has one, and and we may miss the Olympic bus?

Can we please spend the multimillions on providing housing for our community first?

The Townsville stadium cost over $300 million. For that we could build between 750 and 1000 public tenant houses, not units, but houses, providing affordable accommodation for families in Cairns.

Imagine the number of people in the construction industry this would provide jobs for? Imagine the reduction in homelessness caused by the rental crisis? This would be a better economic stimulation for our region and prove we have compassion and brains in government.

Geoff, Cairns

COVID in Cairns

When Alan Jones for Qantas says they are losing millions, is that correct OR is it a loss from the billions they generally make?

Victorian Premier says ‘if needed they will have passengers tested before boarding flights.

You’re very slow Dan,  (testing prior to boarding should have been adopted from the beginning) when we look at the start of these (clusters) their origin stems from (travellers from abroad), all the ‘stuff-ups’ lie with our inept leader.

But is made worse by idiots not complying with health orders (persons that go about the community while knowingly infectious) should be designated as ‘terrorists’ because 1. they cause fear; 2. sickness; 3. death; without regard to anybody.

Is that not what terrorists do?

Fines don’t work, but gaol might


noel, Cairns



I suggest that rate payers invest in water tanks to supplement their needs. It would put some responsibility on us all and would reduce the percentage of annual requirements.

It’s a logical and attainable proposition.

Water cost incentives could be included in our rates and rebates on installation.


Ratepayer, Cairns



Put a Star on your Car is back, does that mean we have a radio survey going on.  Hope so, Dave and Inkie are the best, and Star and 4CA are more local than the other mob.


Tom P, Edmonton

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