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12 February, 2021

Letters & Texts Cairns Local News #22 February 12, 2021

Letters & Texts Cairns Local News #22 February 12, 2021

By Reader Submission


I am a Cairns resident, in my early 70’s and I love Australia too.

I would like to congratulate you on your two very impressive and informative articles, on page 3 in the News Section, and on page 11 in the Opinion Section.

Your words summing up “The call for a day we can all enjoy” was wonderful.    I wish everyone in Australia could read it, because it explains the true meaning of what I believe Australia Day is all about.

We are lucky to live in Australia and we ALL need to celebrate together.

I believe it doesn’t matter whether you were born here or your family came here “from somewhere else” we should all embrace the day and celebrate this great land.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if after such a terrible year (2020) when sacrifices were made, left, right and centre, and we saw Aussie’s doing their best to help their fellow man with the bushfires, with COVID testing etc. we could move forward as ONE!


Why don’t we change invasion day to when Cook sailed into Australian waters, which I believe to be two nautical miles from land.

Another day to commiserate lost indigenous people from Cooks arrival, then another day to celebrate all people coming together to celebrate Australia Day?

KYM, Cairns



I am a home owner at Parkinson Avenue  Kewarra Beach.

I came to Cairns in the early 80s, and now after running my business in Cairns for 33 years  I have retired.

Being brought up in a golfing family taught me a lot growing up and I’ve drawn on those experiences throughout my life - friendships, leadership, commitment and most of all honesty.

No other game teaches a child more about honesty than the game of golf - a game where you can impose a penalty on yourself without any judgment from a referee or umpire.

I convinced my wife that to live somewhere that backed onto a golf course would be a wonderful experience for my family and a dream home for our retirement.

And so it was done, paid a premium for a block of land, and built a nice home overlooking the undulating fairways of the golf course.

Paradise Palms Golf Course was the jewel in the crown of Cairns golf clubs and best golf course north of Brisbane. To see it today just breaks my heart.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think this jewel given to us by Daikyo would not be there.

What values are we teaching our children today destroying a beautiful environment to make someone a load of money.

This piece of land is much much more important as a golf course or some sort of sporting facility for the community than “just another housing estate”

Just remember. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever!

If you agree with me visit and see what you can do to help keep the sport and recreation zoning.




Cannot agree more with your editorial re crocs. They are an important part of our environment

Let’s not go down the track of Mississippi where they wiped out their alligators in the 1970’s only to discover that they were keeping the ego system balanced.  They then had to reintroduce alligators back into the roier systems at great cost.  As you say, people have got to take responsibility for their own actions. BE CROC WISE.

MIKE B, Cairns

You want the croc problem solved, no problem, every one they catch up here relocate it to Southbank, see how long it takes then to fix problem.

DAVID S, Cairns



Handy hint Wayne. That “beautiful bacon” pitch in your last newspaper message with the Coles sign clearly endorsed... Do you ever think about the living, breathing, intelligent animals that supply the bacon? Their mothers locked in sowing cages. Baby pigs fed into the horrific killing machines called abattoirs. If you want to eat bacon. Just do it. Don’t write specious shit thinking it is entertaining. It isn’t.



Hey Wayne, love your column, seriously where do you come up with your ideas. Legend. Keep up the great work. Most entertaining part of my week is reading your column.

IDA, Cairns


Here’s a waistline-reducing, cruelty-free suggestion for the illustrious Wayne of Wayne’s World; bacon made out of CARROTS. Peel carrots into thin strips, coat with a savoury sauce mixture, then crisp up in the airfryer. This is all the rage with the kids thanks to a viral tiktok recipe. Why one would kill and eat a pig, a famously intelligent and caring animal, when carrots are so readily available, is a mystery to me.

M d’ESPINEY, Cairns



Really enjoying your Cairns Local News up here in Cooktown. Obtain my free weekly copy at our trusty Newsagents so keep up the good work.

JHS, Cooktown




A question often asked of politicians is what is the cost of zero emissions and other action on climate change? A better question is what will be the cost of inaction on climate?

Bushfires, droughts, heatwaves, floods and storms are all made worse by climate change and are already costing us billions of dollars every year. Insurance costs are soaring due to the frequency and severity of the disasters. Flood mitigation and coastal erosion from rising sea levels is already costing billions and is set to soar. Air pollution from fossil fuels is costing us billions in health costs. We spend billions in subsidies to fossil fuels.

As the world races to zero emissions countries left behind will have to pay a carbon pollution tax on exports. Our fossil fuel export income will fall and Australia will fall down the poverty ladder. The opportunities of exciting new industries like green hydrogen and steel will be lost. The loss of the Great Barrier Reef will turn Cairns into a ghost town. Floods will close the airport and by 2100 extreme temperatures will drive people away. Our children will inherit this nightmare. We can’t afford to ignore the scientists.


JOHN PRATT, Mooroobool

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