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5 February, 2021

Letters & Texts #21 Cairns Local News Feb 5, 2021

Letters and Texts #21 Feb 5, 2021

By Reader Submission


We never really had the right to swim in some areas people would be referring to.

It was only cause they were Hunted to near extinction that you thought you had a right to swim in those areas but the fact is we don’t the crocodiles are just reclaiming what was rightfully theirs in the first place before they were hunted to the near extinction and if they were not hunted to near extinction in the 70s we wouldn’t have this problem now because we would’ve lived with the crocodiles where they are now and they would not be turning up in areas that we hadn’t seen them.

So we created this problem ourselves by Hunting to near extinction and then finding out the important role they play and then we are struggling to adapt while they reclaim what was rightfully their territory it’s a simple as that really.


They are Apex predators they self-regulate their populations, their population will plateau if left alone. But I can’t say the same about our species.


Ummm wtf! Seriously FNQ is home to crocs everywhere! It’s about spreading awareness! So now crocs have to suffer and be removed from their natural habitat as “some” humans are just plain stupid and ignorant putting their own lives in danger??? Seriously mate wake up to yourself and ur a freakin MP.. not the bloody croc fault!


Good knee jerk reaction Bob. I think we far more important issues than crocs in there natural habitat. Sure remove the dangerous ones but we should also remove the idiots that go swimming with them.


The thing is, most highly populated areas of FNQ were (virtually), totally croc free just a few decades ago. Hunting decimated the populations to such an extent, that large, dangerous crocs were an absolute novelty south of the Daintree or adjacent to the majority of FNQ towns.

When hunters turned their minds to conserving crocs and the various governments agreed, no thought was given to the situation that would evolve as animals re-established themselves in their previous ranges. So the ‘crocs were there first’ argument isn’t necessarily valid, in context of the management of animals that could/should have been established, following the era of heavily reduced populations.

That large crocs have been allowed to establish themselves within areas of big, growing human populations was a mistake but it is an error that can be remedied. Culling isn’t an option in my view, but removals and comprehensive management programs within areas of urban expansion are possible. I was born and grew up in Cairns, my family were croc shooters and I now live in the Gulf country.

It is not just possible but critical, that we come to a balanced conclusion regarding the presence of big crocs adjacent to people’s homes and the right of the animal to exist.


If I had animals on my property that got out and caused damage and financial loss to another property owner I’d be prosecuted and fined, why then aren’t National Parks liable for the feral animals bred on their property that are causing significant damages and losses?


Yes agree they need culling or removing as they are getting pushed up into fresh water creeks and rivers from the larger ones !!! Just like Roos , Rabbits , Pigs need culling etc etc !!!!! Otherwise people will take it on themselves including myself and do it ourselves !!!!! This NEEDS to happen either way !!!!!!


Absolutely yes yes. Unless you have a pool a tourist or local can’t safely go swimming in FNQ. Why allow an apex predator to take over what possible advantage? Fishing crabbing swimming farming all go. FNQ is struggling financially. Won’t hit home til they hit Sunshine coast. .. and they will be there soon.





We have a major problem throughout our great nation, and I think most people out there will agree.

We have an epidemic of ‘teenage crime’, teens steal motor vehicles on a daily basis, do break ins on a daily basis, they use weapons to cause fear, and they also cause death and injury.

These are young people doing adult crime and therefore should be charged as such.

The police do a marvellous job to catch these idiots, and try to keep us safe, only to have magistrates treat them with ‘kid gloves’.

The law is the problem, even when given more than a ‘slap on the wrist’, they then get released way too early by brain dead parole boards that think a smile and tear in the eye, means SORRY then go out and steal another vehicle the same or next day.

Change must be made at these two levels of our legal system. The current system stinks and is a ‘kick in the face’ for everyone that that has ever suffered a loss at the hands of these scumbag kids.

We will never forget the 17 yr old that used a man as a ‘speedbump’ and how PROUD he was, and now we will never forget the young couple and unborn child, murdered by yet another punk 17 yr old, while just going for a walk.

LAW REFORM is what is needed in this country and the ‘putting out to pasture’ of out-of-date magistrates and parole boards.

It will be interesting to hear about the 15 yr old that gave a wild chase throughout the nth qld tablelands, 22 charges I think the police said, so I have to wonder is that 22 slaps on one hand or 10 on each?

Drugs, Alcohol and Age can’t be used to get these ‘mongrels’ off any longer.

The public have had enough. I’ve even heard that it may not be long before, instead of “catching and holding” for police; broken bones may be the only way to slow these mongrels down.

Not that I condone violence, but we are running out of options here. All federal and State ministers talk, but it’s just ‘gum flapping and no action.’

I look forward with great interest to see what happens with the latest bunch


NOEL, Cairns

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