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25 September, 2020

Letters & Texts #2 Cairns Local News 25 September 2020

Letters and Texts #2 Edition 25-09-20

By Reader Submission


Congratulations Cairns Local News, Cairns needs a new voice.

John Pratt, Mooroobool

Great read. Loved the article on Grace. Truly inspiring person.

Rick, Manunda

Congratulations on your first edition. I am sure there were the usual minor boo boos but it came across as extremely professional and slotting into a market zone that you have clearly identified as yours. 

Zan, Innisfail

Loved it, a great read and packed with local stories. Looking forward to the next edition.

Peter, Woree

 Congratulations concerns local paper, its great to have a local paper back.

Anon, Cairns



Well done to Douglas Council on their banning of single use plastics, we need more leadershiop on this

Helen, Port Douglas


So what’s happening with the straws-no more campaign, its all gone quiet

Robert, Edmonton



The environment is the attraction to the Daintree, building a bridge will destroy the environment

Roger, Mossman

When Councils stop listening to residents you start to have problems, keep the Daintree safe

S. Port Douglas

If we want to grow we need tourists. Tourists should be able to visit the Daintree. Do not lock it up. We all want to enjoy it.

Claire, Port Douglas



Bikes belong on the road, NOT footpaths in the CBD. Ban them and look after shoppers

Peter, Bungalow


Bikes do not belong on footpaths, nor skateboards or scooters. CBD footpaths are for shoppers not bikes

R, North Cairns


Thanks Cairns Council for taking the time to ask our opinions. This should be an annual thing

Mick, Edmonton


Please do not allow drinking on the Esplanade. We have enough problems as it is without adding more drunks give our city a bad name.

Anon, Cairns



Why do we hear announcements every day about new funding, new projects, new initiatives. The government had 4 years to do the job but they jam it all into two months in the lead up to the election

Pat Gordonvale


How do the candidates want to fix the teenage crime issue on the south side. Sick of kids running amuck

Dave Mt Sheridan


If I had a dollar for every broken promise from a politican I would retire tomorrow.

Steve Redlynch



U3A Cairns Inc. was established in 1990, classes were held in private homes and various halls around town with a skeleton committee and not many more members. We are proud and thankful for the vision of the founding members. The original constitution is dated 23 April 1990. 

Our membership is steadily growing in our very own centre and we offer well over 30 programs covering a wide range of classes, activities and some social events too. Currently there is pressure to expand the U3A centre to meet increased numbers.

The Membership is the strength of the organisation whether as participants, organisers or administrators. It only works with all engaged. Our Members share a thirst for knowledge, a desire to learn and a willingness to share freely with others.

It is necessary to be a Member of U3A Cairns Inc. in order to attend classes. Cairns U3A classes include art and craft, book clubs, bridge and other games, bush walking, cinema, cooking shows, dancing, exercises to music and singing, health related activities, seven language classes, luncheon club, memory teasers – see the monthly U3A bulletin for further details. Volunteer Tutors come from all walks of life: Professors, businessmen and women, teachers and people who wish to continue growing their knowledge for the fun of it and the satisfaction of putting something back into society..

John Pratt



If there’s one thing what gets me miffed, its seeing smokers flicking their butts onto the ground.

Oh some even take the care to place them carefully into the gutter, very thoughtful. But are they aware these butts in the gutter end up in our rivers and eventually in the ocean.

Plastics in our waterways is an enormous issue. A university in the UK reported two years ago that the average person consumes the equivalent  of a credit card in plastic every year from eating seafood with micro plastics in them.

Cigarette butts contain dangerous chemical, billions of them each year are smoked in Australia and billions of butts end up being thrown away.

Smokers, if you want to smoke, that’s ok, but do not discard your butts. dispose of them responsibly.

I do not want to see our oceans filled with cigarette butts. Its bad enough that they are filling with plastics.

Sarah Port Douglas




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