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22 May, 2021

EDITORIAL: Empty vessels and powerful actions

In 1856 U.S. President Abraham Lincoln wrote, “Actions speak louder than words,” with regard to the north / south slavery issue.

By Peter McCullagh

As true as it was 165 year ago, this saying is totally applicable today.

The Athenian philosopher Plato quoted that “an empty vessel makes the most noise’.

This year can be remembered as the year when actions finally replaced empty hollow words. COVID has foisted upon many of your leaders, both politically and socially the imperative to act, and act now.

Here in the North we have seen numerous projects/programs rolled out in rapid succession all designed to create jobs, preserve livelihoods and keep the North open for business whilst preserving our health.

The Airfare Subsidies, Experience Dollars round 1 and 2, major funding for capital works projects, through to this week’s announcement of incentives for tourism and hospitality workers relocate to Cairns.

Our political leaders in Queensland as well as Canberra should be congratulated for their approach and commitment to the North.

We can always sit back and criticise our leaders on a political perspective. They did not give enough attention to a particular issue or did not fund a group well enough. We need to sit back; take stock of the circumstances we are in and give credit where credit is due.

The Federal Government are doing a good job, keeping Australians safe and navigating us through this COVID apocalyptic world.

The Queensland Government have shown commendable and incredible vision to ensure we are also safe, healthy and growing as a state.

Rather than complaining that the Federal Government’s not doing enough, the Queensland government steps up, takes control as they should, and advocates and acts for all Queenslanders.

The actions of both Annastacia Palaszczuk’s state government and Scott Morrison’s federal government should be commended. Both leaders are doing what is required. They are leading and putting Australians first.

Could they do more, perhaps so, but at this time we must recognise the tremendous actions they have taken and start to ignore the empty vessels who feel they must criticise.



Peter McCullagh


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