15 May, 2024

No lonely Sunday for ‘Goodnight Aurora’ entertainer

IN an unexpected turn of events, a new indie pop band has formed in Cairns and released their first new single ‘Goodnight Aurora’, which already counts with 13,000 streams on Spotify.

By Isabella Guzman Gonzalez

The Lonely Sunday’s vocalist Grace Jones. Picture: Supplied
The Lonely Sunday’s vocalist Grace Jones. Picture: Supplied

Initially thought as the soundtrack for Cairns FM 89.1 radio announcer Joel Devereux’s short film project ‘Infinity’, the single ‘Goodnight Aurora’ – that also marked the debut of local Cairns High singer Grace Jones – quickly became so popular that inspired its founder to form a real band – The Lonely Sunday.

Currently The Lonely Sunday remains with two members –  soulful vocalist Grace Jones and Mr Devereux as producer – who are hoping to continue to launch music this year and, hopefully, pick up some new band members along the way. “It’s quite unusual, it wasn’t going to be a band, I got an RADF grant for a short film last year and I decided I wanted to do a song for it in homage to the 90s when they used to do songs for movies,” Mr Devereux said.

“I decided to create The Lonely Sunday as way to do that, while supporting an artist to be a part of the song. We recorded a song and it ended up on all these playlists. In total it’s up to 30,000 streams which is incredible," he said.

“So I’ve decided that I will put the band together, we’ll have Grace Jones and we’ll write a few more songs.”

‘Goodnight Aurora’ is a throwback to the best of 90s indie pop, reminiscent of Mazzy Star and The Sundays. It brings a sense of nostalgia through themes of loss, love and the beauty of fleeting moments with the soulful vocals of up-and-coming singer Grace Jones adding another enchanting layer to the single.

"Collaborating on 'Goodnight Aurora' and seeing it become the heart of 'Infinitely' has been an incredible journey. When I wrote the film, I didn’t expect to get such a response to the song,” Mr Devereux said.

“Infinity’s premise is about relationships –  do you break up amicably or do you split entirely? –  so ‘Goodnight Aurora’ deals with similar topics and it was written for the movie," he said. “I was inspired by the 90s songs written specifically for movies like Seal’s ‘Kiss from a Rose, or Celine Dion’s ‘My heart will go on’ and that’s the style of writing that I wanted to go for.”

Mr Devereux said an official music video for ‘Goodnight Aurora’ would be released at the end of May.

You can listen to ‘Goodnight Aurora’ on all streaming platforms


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