12 February, 2024

New name for park upgrade

RESIDENTS are being asked to name a new park at Gordonvale.

By Nick Dalton

An artist’s impression of the new sporting facilities at Kenrick St Park.
An artist’s impression of the new sporting facilities at Kenrick St Park.

Cairns Regional Council is transforming Kenrick Street Park into a fun, family-oriented parkland for the community of Gordonvale and the wider area.

A council spokesman said the council had consulted with the community and key stakeholders about the final Kenrick Street Park masterplan, which will deliver upgrades to the park in stages over coming years.

“Stage one of Kenrick Street Park redevelopment is jointly funded by council and the Queensland Government, which committed $3 million to the project last year,” he said.

“As part of this significant project, council would like to rename the park and is inviting the community to provide suggestions for a suitable name.”

In accordance with the naming of community infrastructure policy, any suggested names must fit within the following categories:

Geographic/natural features located nearby or flora and fauna endemic or native to the area

Events, moments or people of historic significance from the local area, for example, significant pioneering families, early settlers, military campaigns or events such as a solar eclipse

Names with local cultural significance for traditional custodians with a strong connection to the subject land.

The council spokesman said parks were to be dually named with a title chosen by the public and one by traditional owners.

“In this instance, the traditional owners have chosen Gujura Park, which refers to the very bushy or leafy trees which will adorn the park,” he said.

“Council will evaluate the names submitted by the community and a name that best suits the site, community desires, and meets the policy naming criteria, will be recommended to council for approval.”

Residents can submit a name at the council’s website giving reasons or information as to why the name should be chosen. Submissions are open until 5pm, Thursday, February 22.


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