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2 June, 2024

Motorists loathe tailgaters

THE latest research from Compare the Market has revealed that tailgating is the number one pet peeve of Australian drivers.

By Nick Dalton

Tailgating is the biggest pet hate of motorists on Australian roads. Picture: iStock
Tailgating is the biggest pet hate of motorists on Australian roads. Picture: iStock

Drivers not using the indicator properly and speeding were also top irritations.

The research conducted by the car insurance comparison site found that tailgating is the biggest pet peeve, with one in five drivers stating that they find this behaviour infuriating.

Not indicating correctly and speeding rounded out the top three irksome actions, according to drivers surveyed around Australia. 

These actions could be the foundations of distracted driving and road rage, which, according to recent Compare the Market research, around 60 per cent of drivers have experienced in the past 12 months.

 Despite some common themes around pet peeves between the generations, there were also some stark differences. 

Gen Z was the only generation to consider driving under the speed limit as the most infuriating action on our roads, whereas tailgating was frustrating older generations the most.

Compare the Market’s general and car insurance executive general manager Adrian Taylor said that, while many people might consider these actions pet peeves, drivers should be aware that most of these actions were illegal and could affect their record as a driver.

“While not indicating properly, tailgating, or speeding can seem more convenient for some people while on the road, these are illegal behaviours that can lead to demerit points and financial fines, not to mention potential accidents,” he said.

“Drivers should note that car insurers may consider tickets, fines and suspensions when they are calculating their premiums as a part of their risk assessment.

“Having many tickets for speeding or other offences on your driver record may indicate to the insurer that you’re a dangerous driver, which could result in increased car insurance premiums or, worst case, they may decline to cover you completely.

“National Road Safety Week is a great reminder to make our roads safer for everyone on the roads and near them by driving in the moment, without any distractions.”

Compare the Market surveyed 1010 Australian adults aged 18 and over in April 2024.


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