10 July, 2024

Mossman Hall fitness for seniors

A new Fitness for Seniors program, which aims to improve balance, keep people active and strengthen social connection, is growing in popularity.

Fitness for Seniors classes are held at Mossman Shire Hall every week.
Fitness for Seniors classes are held at Mossman Shire Hall every week.

The first six-week program was completed at the Mossman Shire Hall recently but the classes will be ongoing. 

Lower Daintree resident Jancy-Leigh Marrinon has been running the classes and said the social component was just as important as the physical exercises.

“There are a lot of lonely and alone people in our area and we want them feeling connected and part of our happy Douglas Shire family,” she said.

“The exercises are a mixture of gentle cardio balance and coordination. There are five different exercises each week so we mix it up and modify it to suit everybody’s ability.

“While it’s too early to gauge in Mossman, we’ve seen the fitness levels of participants in other classes improve exponentially.”

North Mossman resident Meryl Port said she was already seeing the benefits of the classes.

“It makes me feel good and a lot more active,” she said.

“I found that I’m a lot more balanced and more flexible.”

Kimberly Allison is the youngest member of the group and said she’d been made welcome by the other participants. 

The 50-year-old is using the weekly sessions as part of her rehabilitation following an organ transplant operation late last year.

“The fitness club has been perfect for me because there’s no hospital physio up this way and just due to the lack of facilities in the area,” Kimberly said.

“It’s gentle enough that we can do the exercises and you can do as much or as little as you want.

“I know when I leave here, I’m super happy but then I go home I’m ready for a sleep.

“Even though I live in the community, I still don’t know a lot of people. I’ve been up here for five years, but I’ve previously worked as a contract nurse all over Australia.

“I was in the supermarket the other day and someone from the group called out my name and I instinctively turned around. It was just nice to feel a part of the community.”

93-year-old Dorothy Hawkes said the classes kept her active.

“I do the housework, including vacuuming, cleaning, and cooking, but that doesn’t involve the different movements we do with the actual exercises in the class”, she said. 

“I’d encourage people to come along and give it a go. There’s no harm in trying.” 


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