27 March, 2024

Meating demand

AS Australian consumers are increasingly choosing to eat organic, two Cairns brothers are leading the wave with their organic meat delivery service ButcherCrowd guaranteeing their clients ethically sourced and clean products and a fair treatment to farmers for the best tasting meat.

By Isabella Guzman Gonzalez

ButcherCrowd founder Rob Moffat with a box of products from ButcherCrowd. Picture: Supplied
ButcherCrowd founder Rob Moffat with a box of products from ButcherCrowd. Picture: Supplied

Founders of the Kewarra Beach-based company ButcherCrowd, Damien and Rob Moffat, have always had a passion for humane farming practices, and clean produce and through their company they aim to provide clients with proteins that are ethically sourced.

“ButcherCrowd is Australia’s first home delivery service of grass-fed and grass-finished beef and lamb, pasture-raised and free-range chicken and pork and 100 per cent wild caught seafood,” Damien Moffat said.

“We started a bit over three years ago and we identified earlier on that there wasn’t a service available that was able to deliver high quality proteins aligned with our values and free of nasties.

“We grew up in a cattle property in Atherton and we had that produce in our backyard so when you go into a supermarket, you realise that type of ethically sourced, high-quality meat wasn’t available.” Mr Moffat said that ButcherCrowd looked to cater to the increasing figures of Australians turning to organic proteins.

“We onboard farmers that align with our values, to ensure our products are free of antibiotics and hormones used for growth and they’re non-GMO so this is the key of what we call free of nasties,” he said.

“On average we work with 40-60 farms Australia-wide, and we source our coral trout from fishing families in Cairns.

“There’s been an increase in people wanting more transparency around where their food is from and what’s in it, which is why we keep seeing big growth in our business.

“Supermarkets don’t provide that traceability of how the animal was raised, the environmental threat and paying farmers fairly.

“In contrast our farmers are able to achieve a higher price with us, they use regenerative farming practices for sustainability and our animals are certified humanely-raised and handed which is a hard certification to obtain but we have it.”

Mr Moffat said the goal of ButcherCrowd as organic food gains popularity nationally was to get more education and regulation around meat sourcing.


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