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31 March, 2024

Mazda app connects owner

A NEW app incorporating a host of convenient, useful and safety-enhancing features at the fingertips of Mazda drivers has been launched.

By Nick Dalton

Mazda’s new high-tech app will debut on the new MX-5 sports car as well as being adaptable to all Mazdas.
Mazda’s new high-tech app will debut on the new MX-5 sports car as well as being adaptable to all Mazdas.

Available now on the App Store and via Google Play, the MyMazda app forms part of the wider Mazda ‘connected services’ suite rollout, which debuts on the latest Mazda MX-5 due in showrooms in coming weeks.

Mazda Australia’s digital innovation head Callan Jolly said eight Mazda connected services functions would initially be available, with future expansion of the services to include more connected features on a wide range of Mazda vehicles.

“The MyMazda app can however be linked to all Mazda vehicles straight away with just a few taps, regardless of whether the vehicle features ‘connected services’ or not, giving owners easy access to a comprehensive owner’s manual search function, an online service booking tool, prior service history and integration with roadside assistance,” he said.

“All 2024 MX-5 models will come equipped with an eSIM as well as an emergency SOS button integrated into the windscreen frame between the sun visors. In the event of a crash, ‘connected services’ automatically connects the vehicle to the emergency services 24 hours a day, sending an ambulance if required. The button can also be used manually and is within easy reach of occupants.

“The stolen vehicle assistance function – also available 24/7 – allows the user to request real-time tracking of their vehicle’s location to be shared with police.

“Vehicle status and health are also monitored, and owners are notified via a push message in the MyMazda app if a change in vehicle status is logged, e.g. due to low tyre pressure.

“Remote locking can also be done via the app, and a handy flashing lights function is controllable via smartphone or Apple Watch to help locate the vehicle more easily in crowded locations.

“Similarly, the vehicle locator function shows the whereabouts of the car using smartphone mapping – particularly useful in large car parks.

“The driver alert and parental control features notify the user when their vehicle is driven above a certain speed or outside a pre-determined curfew.

“Lastly, a predefined ‘geofencing’ area can be set within the app to alert the owner when the vehicle enters and exits a designated location”.

The MyMazda app can also serve as an additional communication tool, alerting customers via push notification to important updates, such as recalls and service reminders.

“Already renowned for our commitment to ‘Jinba Ittai’, we’re now going one further with an array of genuinely valuable services that create a deeper sense of connection between drivers and their vehicle, even when they’re not behind the wheel,” Mr Jolly said.

“Mazda ‘connected services’ and the MyMazda app are another tangible benefit of the highly compelling ownership proposition that our Mazda models represent.”


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