8 June, 2024

Lorelle’s addiction

AT age 58, Lorelle Haag from Cairns North is breaking stigmas about ageing, becoming a national and state champion in bodybuilding and gearing up for her first international competition.

By Isabella Guzman Gonzalez

Lorelle Haag has become a national bodybuilding champion at age 58. Picture: Supplied
Lorelle Haag has become a national bodybuilding champion at age 58. Picture: Supplied

Ms Haag was always a fit woman who had a knack for sports, but after many injuries, a knee surgery and a broken lower back, she didn’t expect that she would become even healthier and stronger and discover a passion for bodybuilding.

Having her first body building competition at age 48, 10 years later she took home first place at the Natural Bodybuilding Australia (NBA) state titles on April 27, first place at NBA nationals on May 12 and first place at the ICN state and national titles in the over 50 category plus second place in the open category on May 19 and 25 respectively.

“My husband was a bodybuilder, so he introduced me more to the gym. I had a lot of injuries and ailments, but I started to feel stronger and feel better within myself. The pain that I had was starting to go away, and I became addicted,” Ms Haag said.

“It had been six years since I last competed and I never thought I would be at the level of a national competition, but I was feeling confident, and I took the title for over 50s and second place in the open category, which is all ages.

“At the NBA nationals I was also awarded a pro card which means that now I’ve become a professional athlete in bodybuilding and can compete overseas as a professional. That was a huge achievement for me.”

Ms Haag said now she’d hope to inspire other people her age to strive for fitness and sport.

“I’m 58 and to enter one competition is a big achievement but to do four back-to-back is out of this world,” she said.

“I love bodybuilding. Going to the gym is a stress releaser for me but I’m also fitter, healthier and stronger than I was in my 30s.

“I now know that I’m at that level and would like to compete overseas. There’s an Asia Pacific competition in Bali in October. I don’t know if I’ll make it but if not, I’d like to go overseas in 2025.

“What I want to get across is that it doesn’t matter what age you are or what injuries you have, you can always do some sort of exercise and diet plan that is going to improve your health, especially as we get older.

“I started this journey in my 40s and if I can do it with my knee operations and broken lower back, anybody can. It’s not just for the young ones.”


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