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3 September, 2021

Winners are grinners

NEWSXPRESS Tully are beaming, one lucky resident is $25,000 richer thanks to a $25,000 Instant Scratch-Its win. The young Tully woman is now one step closer to realising her dream of buying her very own home.

By Peter McCullagh

The top prize winning $2 Dice Doubler tickets was purchased form newsXpress Tully.

Sharing her excitement with an official from The Lott this morning, the Tully local explained how her win came to be.

“I was walking past the newsagent and thought to grab a scratchie,” she explained.

“I don’t purchase them very often, so I’m not sure what prompted me to get one.

“I went home and scratched it and I was shocked! It was such a surprise. So much was going through my mind.

“I could hardly talk. I was speechless for quite some time.”

With $25,000 about to hit her bank account, the young winner had no doubt she’s now a step closer to buying her dream home.

“I am going to save it and put it towards a house deposit,” she declared.

“It’s certainly going to be a big help!”

NewsXpress Tully owner Tracey Taylor said it was exciting to see a regular customer score a major win.

“I feel so happy to be part of this woman’s winning experience,” she explained.

“It was such a pleasure to sell her a top prize winning ticket.

“Congratulations to her!”

In FY21, there were 176 Instant Scratch-Its top prize winners across The Lott’s jurisdictions who collectively took home more than $14.17 million in top prizes.

During this same time, Instant Scratch-Its players enjoyed more than 31.2 million wins across all prize tiers worth more than $274.31 million. This equates to more than $750,000 won on Instant Scratch-Its every day.

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